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  • Brisco, Bowler, and Dixie protect a baby that was left with Dixie by Pete Hutter. They learn that the baby is Emperor and heir to all of China and that the Black Lotus gang and it's leader want the baby so they can rule China through him.


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  • Hutter shows up on the run and is kidnapped by a ninja-clad Chinese gang called the "Black Lotus", but not before he drops a baby in the arms of Dixie Cousins. Dodging ninja-stars, Brisco, Bowler, and Dixie track down Lee Pow who explains that the baby is the Emperor and heir to China. Chan, the leader of Black Lotus, hired Hutter to steal the baby so that Chan could run China from behind the throne. After rescuing Hutter from the Chinese gang, Hutter runs off with the baby leading to the final showdown between Brisco and Chan. Afterwards, as her reward for her part in protecting the baby, Dixie accepts the Chinese government's offer to help raise the baby in China.

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