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  • Brisco and Bowler are entrusted in guarding a stagecoach load of money to Reno for the Governor of Nevada. En route they're robbed by masked men. Brisco recognizes one of them as Dixie Cousins, and they soon learn it was for a good cause.


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  • Brisco and Bowler are tasked with guarding a stagecoach transporting a significant sum of money to Reno, Nevada. Just as Brisco discusses the simplicity of being a bounty hunter, masked bandits attack and rob the stagecoach. Just as Bowler is about to shoot the leader of the bandits, Brisco stops him as he recognises the leader, despite the mask, to be Dixie Cousins. Brisco and Bowler travel to Reno where they meet up with Dolly Cousins, Dixie's sister, and learn that an Italian crime syndicate from New York City has moved in and taken over Dolly's casino. Brisco comes up with a plan to help Dolly create a competing casino in order to force a showdown with the mobsters, with the winner controlling Reno's gaming.

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