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  • The gang thinks that since it's St. Patrick's Day - one of the busiest bar days of the year - Gary of Gary's Olde Towne Tavern is about ready to strike on Cheers despite Rebecca and Gary having previously drawn an agreement to stop the pranks against each other. But Tecumseh, the Indian statue standing at the entrance of the bar, is missing, and the gang think that it's Gary who stole it. After Sam, Norm and Cliff close down Gary's bar with padlocks, toxic warning signs and police tape, they find out that Rebecca sent Tecumseh out solely to be varnished. Thus, the gang await the wrath of Gary. When the fire marshal arrives for the bar's six month inspection, the gang thinks he is Gary's revenge, which he isn't. Their collective nerves are so frayed waiting for Gary to hit, that Cliff suggests they, as an act of peace and good faith to Gary, sabotage themselves before Gary can. They finally learn what Gary's St. Patrick's Day plan is, which they believe is the worse thing he's ever done to them. Another outcome of the plan is that everyone in the bar ends up targeting one of their own.



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  • St Patrick's Day is upon the Cheers bar, but soon, the gang notices that someone is missing. Looking around the bar, they soon realize who it is: the wooden indian named Tecumseh that usually sits by the door is missing!

    The gang immediately suspects Gary's Olde Town Tavern is behind this, even though they had drawn up an agreement to stop their rivalry, the gang now feels that Gary is in violation, and the war has started again.

    Sam, Norm ,and Cliff head over to Gary's and close down the bar with padlocks, police tape, and warning signs. They return to the bar proud of their handiwork, only to find Tecumseh having been returned. Apparently, Rebecca had sent him out to be re-varnished. This revelation causes the group to now fear that they have inadvertently restarted the 'war' themselves.

    Later on that day, a man claiming to be a Fire Marshal appears, claiming to be at Cheers for the bar's six month inspection. Sam, Carla, Norm, and Cliff assume this is Gary's retaliation, and lay into him with fire retardant and seltzer water. The man is not amused and storms off...just as Rebecca comes out of the office and asks if the Fire Marshal has arrived!

    Seeing as how they messed up twice, Sam, Woody, Norm, and Cliff decide to prank themselves before Gary can, and do the most drastic thing ever. They each have their heads shaved with the remaining hair spelling out G-A-R-Y. A photographer from the newspaper that the guys brought in takes their picture to run in the upcoming Sunday paper.

    After the photographer leaves, the gang finds out two glaring facts: Rebecca reveals that Gary's is actually closed and he is out of town. The second glaring fact is that Carla finds that Sam didn't really shave his head, and was wearing a bald cap with his letter spelled out in fake hair! Sam pleads that he couldn't go through with it, causing the others who have shaved their heads to chase him out of the bar, intending to take care of Sam's 'fears.'

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