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  • Rebecca has been chosen as one of six Boston businesswomen to get a makeover for Redbook magazine. She's excited by it, but ultimately goes a little overboard with the makeover itself. Meanwhile, Sam has found out that Gary of Gary's Olde Towne Tavern has sold his bar. Sam wants to start a new rivalry with the new owner of Gary's, a guy by the name of Frank Carpaccio, especially since they won't have any history of Cheers' underdog status in the bar wars. Woody, Carla, Norm and Cliff go along with Sam on the continued rivalry. When Carpaccio's retaliatory prank seems to be more than just a prank, Sam learns that Frank Carpaccio is a mob boss, whose nickname is the Angel of Death. Because of Carpaccio's evilness, the police will not provide Sam and Cheers any protection. Sam believes that Gary is still pulling a prank, he wanting to see the Cheers gang humiliated by pandering to a supposed mob boss. So Sam, Woody, Carla, Norm and Cliff go down to Gary's to meet with Carpaccio, who ends up looking like the stereotypical Italian mob boss. Pretending to apologize to Carpaccio and ask for forgiveness, the Cheers gang instead pull the fire alarm, setting off the bar's sprinkler system. Carpaccio vows to kill them all, their families and pets. Later, the FBI, who heard about what the gang did to Carpaccio, want Sam and the gang to testify against Carpaccio. The FBI offers witness protection to the five, which means they have to take off immediately in a bus waiting outside the bar. Does this mean that they will have to leave Cheers and Boston forever? Or is Gary behind this prank as he has been all the other times? Or...?



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  • Rebecca is ecstatic that Redbook Magazine has chosen her as one of six Boston businesswomen to get a makeover for their upcoming issue.

    However, the Cheers gang are more interested in Sam's news that Gary of 'Gary's Olde Towne Tavern' has sold his bar to a large group run by a guy named Frank. The gang at first feels sad that they won't have Gary as a rival anymore, but then decide to go over to spark a new rivalry with the new management.

    They do so by toilet-papering the front of the bar, and wait to see what the new management of Gary's will do. However, they are all shocked when an explosion blows the front door off of Cheers!

    The Police come to investigate, but inform Sam that the new owner of Gary's is Frank Carpaccio, a mob boss whose nickname is 'The Angel of Death.' The group is at first scared, but Sam soon believes that the whole thing with Gary selling the bar to Frank is a major prank on Gary's part.

    Sam, Woody, Carla, Norm, and Cliff go down to Gary's and meet up with Frank to apologize. Frank admires the group from Cheers, until Carla pulls the fire alarm causing the sprinklers in the bar to go off. As the gang runs out the door, Frank declares that all of the Cheers gang and their families are going to end up dead.

    After regrouping back at Cheers, the gang is then visited by the FBI, who want them to testify in an upcoming trial against Frank. Thinking they really have ticked off a major mob boss, the gang agrees to go into hiding until Frank's trial. However, Sam refuses to abandon the bar and stays behind.

    Woody, Carla, Norm, and Cliff soon find themselves in North Dakota, dropped off by bus near a payphone. The phone soon rings, and the group hears Sam on the other end of the phone. Sam then asks the gang if they remember the previous Halloween when they consorted with Gary in a prank against Sam. When they respond that they remember, Sam then responds with two words: 'Got ya.'

    After hanging up, Frasier (who is sitting in the bar) discusses what just happened: everything in regards to Frank Carpaccio, the explosion to the front door of Cheers, setting off the sprinklers in Gary's, the fake FBI guys, and the bus to take the others all the way out to the middle of North Dakota...was all part of Sam's elaborate prank! Sam admits that the prank cost him quite a bit- so much so that he had to take out a loan.

    The episode ends with the gang trudging up a road looking for a town, with Carla admitting that it was a pretty good prank...and Woody still not sure what just happened to them.

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