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  • Who can you turn to for prompt diagnosis?/ A fetish or fantasy?/ Sex or psychosis/ No problem at all/ Let us handle your call/ On our show. On our show/ Bring us your traumas, your latent neurosis/ Erectile dysfunction, bed-wetting, narcosis/ There's no need for shame/ You can use a false name/ On our show. On our show/ Who dares enter the dark labyrinth of the human mind?/ What festering secrets are buried in the recesses of the subconscious? Lurid images, crude desires, guilty pleasures, strange compulsions./ The whole catalog of human behavior from the abulic to the monstrous lurks behind a locked door to which one man holds the key./ So if you are stymied to find a prognosis/ And ask yourself just like Freud/ In Movostasis/ Stop scratching your head/ Let us cure it instead/ On our show, on our show/ Now here is the man/ To explain/ The tortured terrain/ Of your brain/ The man who feels/ Everyone's pain/ Dr. Crane/ Dr. Crane/ Frasier Crane Edit



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