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  • The Monkees travel to New York to meet a young producer, Mackinley Baker, at The Compton Plaza Hotel. Unfortunately, they find Baker just about to be evicted out of the room and themselves without any money for a place to stay. So, the group holds on to the room while Baker visits his backer. When this does not work out, they try convincing members of the Millionaire's club across the street to back Baker's play.


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  • MacKinley Baker has written a Broadway musical that he thinks is perfect for the Monkees. The guys arrive at the hotel he's staying in, and run into a problem: Baker doesn't have a backer to finance the show. Also, his hotel room bill is overdue. While Baker goes out to get a backer, the guys stall the hotel manager from kicking them all out. Baker returns, but he wasn't able to get the money.

    All appears lost, until it is noticed that a millionaires' club is not far from the hotel. Pretending to be rich men, the guys talk their way into the club and describe the musical to the members. The members have fallen asleep at the end of the presentation, but a staff member agrees to put up the money to put the show on.

    Another snag arises. Baker is told that the four male characters in the musical have to be changed to four girls in order to get the money. The guys encourage Baker to take the money and get the show up. They pack up to come back to California.

    Before they get out of the lobby, the hotel manager presents them with a bill for room service and other charges. "How are we going to pay this? We don't have any money!" the guys protest. The episode ends with the guys working as bus boys to pay off their debt.

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