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Joel: You guys are making fun of those two twins in the movie and their faith in Mothra, aren't you?

Crow T. Robot: Oh, no.

Joel: Well, listen, have a good time. But uh, just be careful when you scoff at a higher being, okay? From one who knows, all right?

Tom Servo: Uh, huh.

Joel: Leave it at that.

Crow T. Robot: Okay. Wow. I learned an important lesson today.

Tom Servo: Yeah, thank you, Lucas Tanner.

[both laugh, then Mothra appears in the Hexfield]

Tom Servo: Whoa, it's Mothra! Whoa!

Mothra: Hi, kids. What can I do for ya?

Crow T. Robot: Uh, well... Quick, throw it a sweater!

Tom Servo: Yikes!

Mothra: Saaay, you kids were just joking around, weren't you? Please don't do that. C'mon, I'm a busy moth. Got things to do, civilizations to save. I don't get much rest, I'll tell you that for free. Last night, these natives kept me up until all hours of the morning with their dancing and carrying on. Ah, sure, good kids, they mean well and all, but - You know, you'd think that between all those modern dance interpretations - which I like, don't get me wrong - they could throw in a peppy Vegas-style show-stopper. But no, I'm their god and protector, so they're always so solemn when they're around me.

Crow T. Robot: We're really sorry that we disturbed you there, Mothra. Hey, tell us what it's like on Infant Island, will ya? Where do you live? Uh, are you into cacooning?

Mothra: Funny. No, but I do like to hang around this giant lightbulb the natives built for me.

Crow T. Robot: Uh, do you really lay eggs?

Mothra: Let me tell you something, kid. I laid a big egg back when I did the "Thicke of the Night" show. That was a mistake. I've since signed with new management. Say, here's a good one. You know, uh, what the difference is between "Thicke of the Night" and the Titanic?

Tom Servo: I'll bite... I don't know.

Mothra: The Titanic had entertainment.

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