Friday the 13th (2009) Poster

Ben Feldman: Richie



  • Amanda : [while having sex]  I heard something; stop it! Wait, I'm serious.

    Richie : What?

    Amanda : I think Wade's watching us.

    Richie : Wha... well, fuck it. Let the perv watch.

  • Richie : Do you know how many lakes are probably called Crystal Lake? It's like Crystal Geyser, Crystal Water. Go to a supermarket. Every single bottled water is named "Crystal" something.

    Wade : Aquafina.

  • Richie : I'm not gonna go out there with a boner.

    Amanda : Well, you're not gonna get any until you do.

  • Richie : Hey, do you know how much money we're gonna make selling this weed?

    Wade : We're gonna make a lot of fucking money.

    Richie : Yeah, okay? So, listen to me: relax.

    Wade : I am relaxed. You wanna know why?

    Richie : Why?

    Wade : 'Cause I'm gonna be fuckin' rich. You know what rich people do?

    Richie : What?

    Wade : They relax.

  • Richie : How's that beer treating you, beer snob?

    Mike : Better than my own piss.

    Wade : You can drink that, by the way. Yours, hers, hers, mine, yours. I swear to God, piss is sterile.

    Amanda : For the record, you will never drink my piss.

    Wade : That's what you think.

  • Richie : [after hearing about Jason, to Wade]  I get it, though, dude. You do what you gotta do to survive, you know? If we were all out here starving to death and you were... and you were dead, I'd eat your leg.

    Amanda : That's really sweet.

    Richie : Thank you.

    Wade : Why would you eat my leg, man? I can teach you how to fish; just go fishing.

    Richie : I don't eat fish.

    Amanda : That's not what you told me.

    [they laugh] 

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