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  • Alien eggs hatch on Earth after a meteor crash which spells trouble for a vacationing family, a singer on tour with his entourage, and a pair of poachers in "Pod People" (Los nuevos extraterrestres (1983)). Joel and the Bots listen to some "new age" music and write their own song.


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  • Some hunters travel deep into an incredibly foggy forest, searching for game. Unfortunately for them, they instead stumble across a poorly-lit cave (whom Joel and the bots mistake for Hell, Yoda's swamp, blindness, and a jar of Smucker's Raspberry Preserve), filled with huge eggs. Smashing them, he irritates an unknown creature ("It's the Easter Bunny and boy is he mad!"-Joel), who quickly kills him. Angered, the creature begins to go on a destructive rampage. To add to the terror, a group of unappealing young people takes a break from recording nightmarish music (Lyrics provided by Mrs. Johnson's kindergarden class - Crow) to travel by RV to the area for a camping trip.

    Meanwhile, Tommy, a little boy with an oddly dubbed voice and a lot of pets, finds the lone survivor of the egg-related carnage in the cave and decides to bring it home. It hatches, and the creature, whom Tommy names Trumpy ("I prefer Milky Bear"- Crow), is born and eats lots of food. Meanwhile, the other alien bumbles through the forest until she finds the band, and pushes a groupie off a small cliff. Critically injured, the other band members take her to Tommy's house, where she eventually dies from her injuries. In Tommy's room, Trumpy demonstrates his ability to do "magic things", and creates a wacky stop-motion extravangza ("Oh great, now we're in Gumby"-Joel) with his fingertips.

    Other people travel to a ranger station in an attempt to use the radio, but they find the other alien and the corpse of a poacher. One of them is felled by the vicious five-foot high monster but the other escapes. Unfortunately for him, the alien gets back to the house faster and attacks another band member in the RV. ("Looks like she found Trumpy!" -Joel) Tommy witnesses the event through his telescope and believes that Trumpy is responsible for the muderous mayhem. Everyone decides it's safer to stay in the cabin for the night, but the evil extraterrestrial follows them inside and kills another band member when she takes a shower.

    Tommy unsuccessfully tries to sneak Trumpy out of the house, but he's caught by his mother, who grabs a rifle and tries to shoot his alien pal. He and Trumpy flee into the foggy woods, and everybody else pursues him.

    Trumpy and his mom finally meet one another before she's gunned down. ("Huh, a self-burying monster."-Crow) Tommy, being a jerk, leaves him in the woods and goes back home with his mother and the only surviving band member before the credits roll.

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