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  • After spending ten months in a mental hospital following the tragic death of her mother in a house fire, Anna Ivers (Emily Browning) is released from the hospital as "cured" even though she can't remember what happened that night. She returns home to her sister Alex (Arielle Kebbel) and father Steven (David Strathairn), only to find that her father plans to marry Rachel Summers (Elizabeth Banks), the woman who was her mother's nurse. Haunted by bad dreams, visions of her mother, and the ghosts of three unknown children, Anna and Alex begin to suspect that Rachel is not who she says she is and may, in fact, be the one who killed their mother. All they need now is proof. Edit

  • The Uninvited is a remake of the 2003 South Korean horror film Janghwa, Hongryeon (2003) (A Tale of Two Sisters), which was inspired by a Korean folktale that has been adapted to film several times. "Janghwa" ("Rose Flower") and "Hongreyon" ("Red Lotus") refer to the two daughters of a man named Bae. The tale was adapted for this movie by Korean director Kim Ji-Woon with additional input by screenwriters Craig Rosenberg, Doug Miro, and Carlo Bernard. Edit

  • Anna steals Rachel's pearl necklace and uses it to convince Sheriff Emery (Kevin McNulty) that Rachel is really Mildred Kemp. He appears to be buying her story but, while she waits in his office, he summons Rachel, who forcibly injects Anna with a narcotic and takes her home. As Rachel is changing Anna into a nightgown, Anna tries to reach for a knife on the bedstand, but Rachel stops her. Just as Anna passes out, she notices Alex sneaking up behind Rachel. Anna later awakens to find the knife gone and a trail of blood leading from the bedroom outside to the trashbox. Opening the trashbox, she is horrified to find Rachel's bloodied body. Alex appears, covered with blood, and confesses that she had to kill Rachel to save them both. Just then, Steven drives up. Anna explains how Rachel tried to kill them and how Alex killed Rachel to save them both. Confused, Steven points out that Alex died in the fire with their mother. A flashback reveals how the fire actually started when Anna, enraged after finding Steven and Rachel making love, filled a watering can with gasoline from a gas tank in the boathouse, intending to burn down the house. Unfortunately, she didn't completely turn off the tank, and some gas spilled on the floor and was ignited when a candle fell on it, causing the explosion and fire that killed both her mother and her sister. She now remembers killing Matt by letting him fall off a cliff, during which he broke his back on the rocks below. She also remembers killing Rachel. As the police take Rachel's body away, Steven reveals that Rachel changed her last name three years ago from Worchinsky to summer in order to escape from an abusive boyfriend. The sheriff wonders why Anna would connect Rachel with the Kemp murders, but Steven has no idea. In the final scene, Anna is back at the mental institution. She is welcomed back by the patient across the hall (Heather Doerksen), who is seen carrying a string of pearls. As the door closes to her room, the nameplate reads, "Mildred Kemp". Edit



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