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  • "Black Sheep" is about urban Berlin Lifestyle. About a bunch of hopeless losers, who are trying, to get the big money with the strangest plans. There is a Ex-Handmodel for Rolex, who wants to seduce a yuppie girl and cheat his insurance company. There is a East-German woman and her drunken artist boyfriend playing Lotto. Some satanists, who are planing a ritual with there grandmother. Two young anarchists, who are testing a new kind of Ego-economy. And last, but not least, three horny Turkish boys, who are stealing cash, to meet a prostitute. A lighthearted, stylish comedy in a electric Berlin, full of surreal moments. About material illusions and true love.


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  • Blacksheep is an episodic movie about urban Berlin Lifestyle. Seperated into 5 story lines a couple of hopeless losers, are trying, to get the big money with each ones plan to that being stranger than another.

    There is the former - handmodel for Rolex, that wants to seduce a yuppie girl by tricking his insurance company by cutting his hand off. There is an East-German woman with her boyfriend who is a real drunkard, finding herself exposed in embarrassment, when a former student friend who now lives rich in Munich arrives at the tourist- ship she is working at. Two friends (Fred and Arnold), satanists that seem to have missed out on puberty trying to gain succes and power by performing a ritual with Arnolds camtose granny. Two young gays´students, that like to philosophise about politics and world order, daydreaming away from reality. Via an employment exchange they help two gay supposedly stars with their move quickly ends in a disaster. And three young Turks in search for sex which leads them to the famous Kit Kat- Club, a prostitute and her pimp ending at a Goa- party at Müggelsee where their sex- drive comes tu a sudden end by the use of Ketamin.

    A lighthearted, stylish(the movie generally is in black and white but uses colour on certain objects and in key scenes) comedy in electric Berlin, full of surreal moments. About material illusions and true love.

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