"Monk" Mr. Monk Goes to a Rock Concert (TV Episode 2006) Poster

Andre Benita: Annie



  • Annie : Black bandanna and sunglasses?

    Natalie Teeger : Yeah, it was this morning around 7:30.

    Annie : I remember. He was my first customer.


    Annie : Oh was that the boy who died? The overdose? Heartbreaking.

    [to her customer] 

    Annie : How does that feel?

    Adrian Monk : Horrible.

    [Annie inserts another needle into her patient's back. Monk recoils] 

    Kendra Frank : Look, are you sure that's him?

    [Hands a photo of Stork over to Annie] 

    Annie : He was a friend of yours. I'm sorry.

    Natalie Teeger : Did he say anything?

    Annie : No, not much. He just told me a story about how he met Eric Clapton.

    Kendra Frank : [to Monk and Natalie]  He loved Eric Clapton.

    [Annie is looking for something] 

    Annie : No.

    [Monk reaches forward and straightens out one of the needles on Annie's patient, who reacts. Natalie gives Monk a disapproving look and says] 

    Natalie Teeger : Detective!

    Annie : And he dropped this.

    Kendra Frank : Oh my god, I made this earring! He loved this earring.

    Annie : He said he was giving up, he wanted to get high. He said he used to be afraid of needles, but he got over it.

    Kendra Frank : I don't believe this!

    Annie : Well I guess he's with Kurt, Jimi and Janis now.

    Adrian Monk : Who?

    Natalie Teeger : I'll tell you later.

    [Monk reaches forward to try to straighten another needle on the patient, but Natalie pushes his arm to the side] 

    Adrian Monk : Did he say anything else?

    Kendra Frank : Please, Annie. I have to know.

    Annie : [sighs]  He asked me where he could score some H.

    Adrian Monk : Heroin. H. Starts with an "H," heroin. It's street talk.

    Natalie Teeger : Yeah, I got it.

    Annie : Well then he paid me and left. Oh, but before he left, he helped some kid, some poor girl. She had a beachball. She was having trouble with it so he blew it up for her.

    Adrian Monk : A blue beachball?

  • Annie : Uh-huh. I think so.

    Adrian Monk : Thing almost killed me. I hate that beachball.

    Kendra Frank : So it's true. They were right, he OD'D.

    Adrian Monk : I'm so sorry.

    [They start to walk away. Monk stops to try to touch a heat lamp over another patient] 

    Natalie Teeger : Mr. Monk, no! No-no-no-no-no-no! That's 400 watts!

    [Monk withdraws his arm, and starts to walk away. But he has a compulsion to touch lamps, so he comes back and tries again to touch the bulb. Natalie has to restrain his arm, but Monk reaches over with his left hand and burns his left pointer finger] 

    Adrian Monk : Ow!

    [before he leaves, he burns his right pointer finger on the same bulb] 

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