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  • The Boxers from Brockton, MA and the Canadiens from Fredericton, NB are two teams at a 2003 Montréal junior hockey tournament. The Boxers almost didn't attend because of the rising global tensions due to the US initiated Iraq War. After arriving in Montréal, the Boxers wished they hadn't attended as they face anti-US sentiments time after time, some bordering on the potentially violent. This situation is especially troubling for the family of the Boxers' star forward Michael Carver, whose twenty year old brother Chris Carter gave up his own hockey life to enlist and is scheduled to head over to Iraq soon. One half of the Canadiens star first line, coach Neil Martin's twelve year old son Jordan Martin, doesn't like the treatment shown to the American team. Although distracted by his parent's crumbling marriage whose problems are due primarily to competing careers, Jordan decides to do his small but seemingly insurmountably problematic part in fixing the wrong that has been done. Regardless of if Jordan can pull off his plan which may be at the expense of his own promising hockey career, his actions may show others that bridging gaps in other aspects of life are worth attempting.



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  • In Sticks and Stones, the captain of a Canadian Pee-Wee hockey team organizes a tournament to make amends for the horrible treatment an American team received during a visit to Canada in March, 2003.

    As the movie begins, the U.S. invasion of Iraq is making headlines when a bus carrying the Brockton Boxers, a team of 12-year-old American hockey players from Brockton, Massachusetts, makes its way to a Pee-Wee tournament in Canada.

    The Boxers are met by thousands of anti-war protesters who attack their bus. Later, when the American players attend a Montreal Canadiens game, Canadian fans boo the American national anthem and barrage the Boxers with heckles to "go home."

    Despite playing with their chins up, the Boxers face the tough Fredericton Canadiens team and an unfair and seemingly anti-American referee.

    After this bitter experience the American boys and their families leave, vowing never to return to Canada. A year later, thanks to the efforts of Jordy (Alexander De Jordy), the captain of the Fredericton Canadiens, the American Pee-Wee players are welcomed back to Canada for the "Friendship 2004 Hockey Tournament."

    Neil Martin (David Sutcliffe) is Jordy's father and coach of the Fredericton Canadiens, who helps his son create the Friendship Tournament; Neil's assistant coach Craig (Mark Camacho) lives through his own son's NHL dreams and challenges the idea of the Friendship Tournament.

    The Brockton Boxers are represented by team captain Michael Carver (Daniel Magder); his father, Peter (John Robinson), a police officer and dedicated hockey dad; and coach Al Bouchard (Richard Fitzpatrick), a patriotic American who at first is not convinced the Friendship Tournament is a good idea.


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