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  • When a convicted murderer from Mick's past is released from prison, Mick must face one of his worst fears - having the truth of his immortal identity revealed to Beth.


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  • Twenty-five years ago, Mick and his then-partner Detective Bobby Desmond, now elderly and blind, got Lee Jay Spalding sent to prison for murdering two of his wives. Mick and Josef are concerned when they learn that Lee Jay is about to be released as a wrongly convicted man. Mick is particularly concerned for four reasons: 1) he knows that Lee Jay is a cold-blooded killer who staged the murders to look like suicide, 2) the woman who worked tirelessly for Lee Jay's release is Beth's good friend, Julia Stevens, 3) Lee Jay knows Mick is a vampire, and 4) Mick fears that Lee Jay is going to come gunning for him. As Mick suspected, the first thing Lee Jay does is to corner Mick, stab him with a stake, then slam his own head into a glass window and claim that Mick did it to him. He then breaks into Mick's apartment and shoots himself in the shoulder with Mick's gun, telling the news media again that it was Mick who did it to him.

    Mick is now on the run. He tries to explain Lee Jay's history to Beth and her district attorney boyfriend, Joshua Lindsey [Jordan Belfi], but Beth is more concerned with the fact that this happened 25 years ago yet Mick is no more than 30 years old. Mick tries to convince Beth that it was his father's case, but she can find no record of a Mick St John Sr ever existing. When Beth gets a phone call from an hysterical Julia, who says that she is being held hostage by Lee Jay and that he will kill her if Mick doesn't turn himself into the police, Josh offers to put out a false announcement that Mick has given himself up. Meanwhile, Mick and Beth track Julia on the GPS tracking device that Mick previously stashed under Julia's car. Mick releases Julia but Lee Jay fires two silver bullets into Mick, which put him out of commission. Just as Lee Jay is about to apply a blowtorch to Mick's face, Beth fires a bullet into Lee Jay. As the police arrive to cart away Lee Jay's body and get statements from Julia and Beth, Mick stumbles home to down a pint of blood and recuperate. Beth catches him drinking the blood, and Mick finally admits to Beth that he is a vampire. [Synopsis by bj_kuehl]

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