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  • Horst Vanderhoff, who reportedly works for a high-priced contract killer, gets popped by the F.B.I. negotiating a hit. With promises of delivering the boss, Lola, he goes into Witsec. While transporting Horst, Mary and Marshall are ambushed in the middle of nowhere, Marshall is shot, but they manage to force the would-be killers to retreat. Finding an abandoned building, they take cover and prepare to defend themselves when the assassins return at nightfall to finish the job.


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  • A man tells another about his "sick" friend, trying to arrange to have him "cured" by the man's boss, Lola. They make a deal for whacking. Then the man seeking the service pulls out a badge, and arrests the intermediary.

    Horst Vanderhof enters witness protection.

    Mary brings coffee to the office, arousing Marshall's suspicions. Stan calls them into his office. When Marshall walks away, Mary looks at an envelope on his desk. She opens it. It's a job offer from a security company.

    Stan briefs them on Horst. He's the go-between for a contract killer named "Lola." He might be the only one who can ID her - in exchange for protection. They better move, because someone died in the jail where he was being held. Unrelated, but be careful just the same. Mary's in a snit.

    In the car, she listens to music and ignores Marshall. He refuses to ask her what's wrong. She tells him not to worry about it, in a few months they won't be working together. He knows she read his letter.

    They pick up Horst. He's diabetic and carries a medical bag. Mary asks Marshall if he was ever going to tell her. "Actually I was going to write a letter and mail it to myself, that way I'd be sure you got the news," he replies.

    Mary and Marshall bicker, pretending they don't care about each other, as Horst puts his odds on making it to the car at 3 to 1.

    At the house, Jinx says good-bye to Brandi, who seems bored out of her mind.

    Mary and Marshall drive Horst. He says he needs to go to the bathroom. Mary tells him to hold it or go out the window, because they're not stopping. He tells Marshall his job transfer is really starting to make sense to him.

    They stop at a gas station. Marshall supervises Horst's potty break as he rags on Mary. She walks up in time to hear herself described: "She is one of the most toxic, most angry women I've ever encountered, and I work for a female assassin."

    At the car, a couple drops something under their truck. The man picks it up for the woman. Marshall checks under the car and sees nothing. Back on the road, they're out of cell reception as the check engine light goes on.

    Brandi strolls around town and wanders by a bar. She sees her mom surrounded by men. She calls her on her cell phone and busts her.

    On the road, the car dies. Marshall looks under the hood. He sees something pouring out from under the engine, from right near where the man reached earlier.

    A car pulls up behind them. Mary shouts to him that they have company and he steps around the car just in time to get shot. The "husband" and "wife" from earlier come at Mary, guns blazing. She pushes Horst down in the backseat, backs the car up to block Marshall and fires until she needs to reload. Before she can get fresh bullets, the guy has her in his sights. He's about to fire when Marshall shoots him. Mary reloads and as the couple retreats to their car Mary and Marshall fire, one gun in each hand, looking like general bad asses. Until Marshall passes out.

    Mary takes off her shirt and tends to Marshall, yelling at Horst to get back in the car. Marshall says its his fault because he watched them do something, but didn't realize they'd likely smeared acid on the radiator hose. The car dies. Marshall says in four hours every cop in the area will be looking for them. She asks if he can make it. He diagnoses himself, saying he hasn't bled out so the bullet in his chest must not have hit any vital organs. He tells Mary to get the windshield wiper fluid tube, because she's going to need it. They get out of the car and head for a nearby deserted-looking gas station.

    Back in the bar, Brandi demands answers from her mom. She's not buying "the dog ate my samples" excuse her mom is selling. Jinx notes that she still owes Mary $2,500 for the make-up samples. She and Brandi decide they will never tell Mary.

    Back on the deserted highway, Mary asks Horst if it was Lola who came after them. When he's not as forthcoming as she'd like, she tackles him. He says he honestly doesn't know. He's never met her, they always conducted their business on the phone. He clarifies that he never said he could ID her, he said he could deliver her. Horst asks Mary to get off him, "you're not exactly petite you know.

    Mary and Marshall confer, realizing that if it was Lola she knows this is her shot and that means she's probably coming back. Marshall makes dramatic music noises, "duh-duh-duh." "That's pretty funny for a guy with a sucking chest wound," Mary tells him.

    Brandi and Jinx try to come up with a plan. The credit cards are maxed out. Brandi asks a stranger how much he'd pay to sleep with her mom. She tells Jinx she needs to be willing to think outside the box. She says the answer is in Jinx's box of memories. "Desperate times call for desperate people to do something desperate, or something," Brandi says.

    In the middle of nowhere, Mary shoots the door of a deserted building open. They hole up. Marshall tells Mary to get the tube, but he passes out. He wakes up and tells her to put the windshield wiper fluid tube in the hole in his chest. She does, air rushes out. He asks for a half-empty water bottle. He puts the other end of the tube in the bottle, explaining that it creates equal pressure, or some such complicated medical explanation that is impressive coming out of a guy with a bullet wound.

    Cut to Jinx and Brandi in the pawn shop, where Jinx is distraught over hawking her jewelry. The guy offers her $200. They're shocked. The jewels are all fakes.

    Back in the deserted building, Marshall tells Mary to take Horst and walk to the highway. She orders him not to die. But before they can leave, an SUV pulls up. It's the assassins, and they've brought two back-ups. The woman appears to be tracking them with something.

    Mary preps for the ambush. The assassins wait in the car for nightfall.

    Mary asks Marshall why he didn't tell her about the job. She thinks it's because of her. He tells her the problem with them is that he feels like he spends his time either protecting her from the world or protecting the world from her. She says that's his job, and he cannot quit. He says OK. Blood comes out of his chest tube.

    Mary picks up lots of guns and sneaks out. Horst asks where she's going. "She's going to kill them before they kill us," Marshall explains.

    Mary sneaks behind the assassins' SUV. As she passes the bullet-riddled SUV she and Marshall were riding in earlier, she realizes something.

    Back in the bar, Jinx and Brandi are well into weepy self-pity, realizing how they'd be nowhere without Mary. Jinx resolves to turn over a new leaf and asks the bartender for a job. He says sure. She takes her box of fake jewelry over to some women at the bar and gives it away.

    Mary comes back in and confronts Horst. She tells him she noticed the passenger side door was shot up, but not the back door where he was. She raids his medical bag and finds a GPS transmitter. She realizes this would mean he had planned his escape before he went to jail.

    The gears in her head turn. It was a hit. The death in the jail was a brilliantly conceived and executed contract killing. Horst babbles and plays innocent. She admits she really underestimated him, or should she say "Lola." (He must be a Kinks fan.) He says she's gone crazy. She grabs him, puts a gun to his head and drags him outside. She offers to trade the assassins Horst for the car.

    Horst tells them to do as she says.

    She orders two of the goons ("the chorus") to get Marshall and bring him out. Gun drawn on Horst, she gets in the car, holding him by the tie, she orders all the assassins on the ground. She drives off and flings him down.

    Horst berates his helpers for a bang-up escape job.

    Mary calls Stan. There's an ambulance and roadblock waiting.

    In Horst's stolen minivan, a phone rings. Mary put her phone in Horst's bag. Mary and Stan are right behind them and pull them over, catching them.

    At the hospital, they wait for Marshall. Mary's mom and sister come and she leans on them for support.

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