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12 Nov. 2019
Q+A: "Against the Tides"
BAFTA nominated filmmaker Stefan Stuckert and Damian Paul Daniel discuss filming UK woman Beth French on her journey to swim all seven channels.
12 Nov. 2019
Q+A: "The Animal People"
The Joaquin Phoenix executive produced documentary raises awareness of the first amendment in animal activism, according to the cast and crew. Producers include actress Jorja Fox ("CSI," "Memento").
12 Nov. 2019
Q+A: "A Patient Man"
Jonathan Mangum ("Let's Make a Deal," "Whose Line Is It Anyway?") chatted about his first ever dramatic lead role with the crew from the film.
12 Nov. 2019
Q+A: "The Wretched"
Brothers Brett Pierce and Drew T. Pierce spoke about their horror film set in Michigan. Their father, "The Evil Dead" special effects artist Bart Pierce, joined the interview midway.
12 Nov. 2019
Q+A: "Family Obligations"
The cast and crew were excited chatting about their low budget film made for $16,000 USD (£12,524), filmed on location in Long Island.


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