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  • Rizwan Khan (Shah Rukh Khan), a Muslim Indian suffering from the Asperger syndrome, marries Mandira (Kajol), a Hindu woman with a son from a previous marriage. After the 9/11 attacks in which New York City's twin towers were destroyed by a group of Muslim terrorists, her son Sameer is killed during a violent crime targeting a person on account of Muslim cultural affiliation. Makira blames Khan and in a fit of rage tells him to tell the president that he and Sam are not terrorists. Khan promises to do so and sets out on a quest to tell the president of the United States that his name is Khan and that he is not a terrorist. Edit

  • My Name is Khan was filmed from a script written by Indian screenwriter Shibani Bathija. Edit

  • Mandira is reunited with Rizvan in Wilhemina. Before they even say two words to each other, Rizvan is stabbed by a supporter of Faisal Rahman (Arif Zakaria). After recuperating in a hospital, Rizvan and Mandira attend a speech being presented by President Barack Obama (Christopher B. Duncan) in support of post-hurricane Georgia. At first, it doesn't look like Rizvan will be able to meet the President. However, when Obama learns that Rizvan is in the audience, he requests a meeting with Rizvan. The President addresses him by name and adds, "...and you are not a terrorist." Rizvan shows the President a photo of Sameer and delivers a "howdy" from Homeland Security officer John Marshall (Kevin Oestenstad). In the final scene, Rizvan and Mandira go home together. Edit



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