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  • Cars 2 was made in stereoscopic 3-D. The film was a full 3-D production from its conception on through to the finished product. Edit

  • The short subject presentation that plays before Cars 2 is the first in Pixar's "Toy Story Toons" entitled "Hawaiian Vacation":

    "Bonnie is going to Hawaii, and Ken and Barbie are going along for the ride for a romantic getaway. But due to a miscalculation on Ken's part, He and Barbie end up left behind in Bonnie's bedroom. Now it's all up to Woody, Buzz, and the gang to try to salvage Ken and Barbie's vacation plans." Edit

  • Car and Driver magazine identifies many of the models in this article:

    The Pixar Wiki also has a list of characters, and many of the articles list what kind of model it was based on: Edit



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