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Season 3

22 Feb. 2018
Temporada 03, Episódio 01
In his last year of college, Mateus is facing new ideological, professional and loving challenges. Fernanda starts her residency and meets Oscar. Lais receives an invitation to be the subject of an article.
1 Mar. 2018
Temporada 03, Episódio 02
Mateus isn't happy about disputing a job vacancy with Tiago. Cristiano shows interest in Anderson. Vânia invests in her relationship with Roberto. Arnaldo and Bruna face a financial crisis. Paloma kisses Mateus.
8 Mar. 2018
Temporada 03, Episódio 03
Paloma lies to her father, saying that Mateus is her boyfriend. Lucas tries to get closer to Cristiano. Clarinha asks Bruna for help to take Gabriel to a medical appointment. Oscar kisses Fernanda.
15 Mar. 2018
Temporada 03, Episódio 4
Fernanda is surprised by Oscar's kiss. Vânia and Roberto are getting closer. Cristiano is enthusiastic about Talita's work proposal. Lucas keeps lying about his relationship with Laís and gets jealousy about Cristiano and Anderson.
22 Mar. 2018
Temporada 03, Episódio 05
Mateus talks to Cristiano about his relationship with Fernanda. Vânia receives Ernesto at her home. Lais does an aura reading with Paloma. Fernanda misses her job and leaves Oscar intrigued.
29 Mar. 2018
Temporada 03, Episódio 06
Mateus and Fernanda talk about their relationship. Lais finds it difficult to read his clients' aura. Vânia makes a surprise visit to Roberto. Enchanted by Darlene, Ernesto pays a visit to her.
5 Apr. 2018
Temporada 03, Episódio 07
Mateus welcomes Lais and argues with Lucas. Tiago and Paloma decide to take her to Doctor Roberto's clinic. Ernesto surprises Darlene. At the party, Lucas ends up getting closer to Cristiano at the party.
12 Apr. 2018
Temporada 03, Episódio 08
Cristiano talks to Lais about his discussion with Anderson. Talita and Lucas discuss the company's new hires. Ernesto makes an unexpected visit to Darlene. Darlene talks to Fernanda about her feelings about Ernesto.
19 Apr. 2018
Temporada 03, Episódio 09
After a kiss, Fernanda tells Oscar about her feelings. Cristiano tells Lucas about his strangeness about the relationship with Lais. Bruna receives a job proposal from Talita. Ernesto takes Darlene to a romantic dinner.
26 Apr. 2018
Temporada 03, Episódio 10
Paloma tries to explain to her father the reason for lying. Fernanda asks Oscar for more time to tell Mateus about their relationship. Lucas insists that Bruna agrees to work at the Mendonça Organizations.
3 May 2018
Temporada 03, Episódio 11
Paloma comes across Mateus sleeping on Laís' lap. Bruna does a self-analysis and approaches Arnaldo. Lucas and Cristiano reconnect. Bruna talks to Clarinha about Gabriel's future. Mateus tells Lais about the job interview with Talita. Clarinha receives a call from Guilherme. Paloma and Laís talk about Mateus. In Talita's office, Tiago and Mateus expose their ideas and compete for a place in the company.

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