xXx: Return of Xander Cage (2017) Poster

Vin Diesel: Xander Cage



  • Augustus Gibbons : Let me simplify it for you. Kick some ass, get the girl, and try to look dope while you do it.

    Xander Cage : I could definitely make that work.

  • Xander Cage : I live for this shit.

  • Xander Cage : Wow, that's an impressive trick.

  • Xander Cage : [Upon seeing Darius Stone arrive in Xander's long-lost 1967 Pontiac GTO musclecar]  That's a hell of a car!

    Darius Stone : Yeah. Gibbons told me to keep an eye on it. He said I'd know why when I need to know why. Now I know why.

    Xander Cage : It's exactly the way I left it.

    Darius Stone : I took it on a date or two.

    Xander Cage : [laughs, with a wink] 

  • Jane Marke : Your country needs you, Mr. Cage. The Triple-X program needs you. It's time to be a patriot.

    Xander Cage : By whose definition? The last time I was patriotic, I got three strikes. And there was only one man who believed in the underdog. Patriotism is dead. There's only rebels and tyrants now.

    Jane Marke : So, which are you?

    Xander Cage : I'm Triple-X.

  • Xander Cage : Wow. No wonder our country's in debt trillions of dollars. Do you really need all these gadgets to get the bad guys?

    Jane Marke : Oh, we don't need any of it. But it makes the catching a hell of a lot more fun.

  • Jane Marke : Agent Clearidge worked closely with Gibbons. She'll handle support for the operation.

    Becky Clearidge : And I bet a guy like you needs a lot of support. What are you? Like 220? 230? Be honest. 250 is the hard max for my swing.

    Xander Cage : Oh, come on.

    Becky Clearidge : I'm kidding. It's not like I have a safe word, or anything. It's "kumquat." Never really think about it. Kumquat.

  • Xiang : I'm in this hospital bed. I'm barely conscious. Delirious. Drowning in my own blood. And all I can hear myself think is, "Today's the day. Today's the day you die."

    Xander Cage : I'm touched.

    Xiang : Then a man comes along, tells me a story about a drought in California. About skateboards and swimming pools. About a man named Xander Cage.

    Adele Wolff : [on ear-piece]  Oh, shit. He's Triple-X.

    Xander Cage : I heard he was dead.

    Serena Unger : Is he?

    Xiang : We are all Triple-X. We just have different agendas. She wants to destroy it. I'm gonna use it. And I'll be damned if I'm gonna let you take it back to the NSA.

  • Paul Donovan : Yo, asshole. We gonna have a problem?

    Xander Cage : Oh, no problem. How was your trip? I'm just doing the math.

    Paul Donovan : Oh, yeah? What math?

    Xander Cage : Air velocity divided by distance. So, when I stuff you down the toilet, search and rescue will know where to find you between China and North Korea.

    Paul Donovan : Keep talking, little man.

    Xander Cage : Hold that thought, G.I. Joe.

  • Paul Donovan : What's wrong, hotshot? No witty comeback?

    Xander Cage : No. I just finally figured out that math problem.

    [Xander pushes Donovan through a hole in the hull of the plane] 

    Xander Cage : It's gonna take two flushes.

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