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  • Mary tries to cajole a reluctant marijuana grower (and user) to testify against his former partners who are being prosecuted for the murder of a DEA agent six months earlier -- or else he and his family will be dropped from the WITSEC program and he'll be prosecuted for the murder. In the meantime, in the continuing fallout from the investigation of Brandi's possible drug possession and Mary's kidnapping, Mary is shadowed by a psychologist who will determine whether Mary can be returned to full status with the Marshal's Office.


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  • Humboldt, County Six months ago in a vast pot field: A dealer wants 100 k, but they've only got 40 ready. The farmer, Jerry, doesn't want to rush his bud, but another guy tells him he has to lower his standards. Jerry takes off into the pot fields and the two other guys try to determine what they're going to do about a law enforcement officer dead nearby.

    Then the DEA busts in and they're raided.

    Jerry Royal enters the program with his wife and two kids. They meet with Mary and Marshall. Jerry's being weird and twitchy. His wife explains that pot is the only thing that helps with his social anxiety disorder. They tell him to get straight or get out of the program. Jerry's also highly allergic to peanuts.

    Mary drives them to their new house and stops at a fast food restaurant on the way. Jerry perks right up and orders comfortably at the drive through, making fast friends with fast food Bob the clown.

    Present Day: Mary's house is still in FBI-caused disarray. She checks her to do list. She has to prep Jerry for trial and she still hasn't seen Raph. Brandi also nags her for help registering for classes. Jinx comes out of the bedroom, in a daze. She announces that she got the lead in the musical "Sweet Charity." She's stunned.

    Mary drops by FBI guy O'Conner's office, the one who trashed her house. (Fun fact: played by Mary McCormack's brother Will.) He tells her he'll be sending a crew by her house a few weeks after hell freezes over. That's what she expected. She brought a box of her stuff to store there. She upends insulation, plaster and debris all over his desk.

    Mary arrives at work, still not happy about the new desk arrangement. She rags on Eleanor, who calls her a bully and her highness. Then Mary starts hyperventilating. She drops to the floor and the department shrink walks in for her post traumatic incident debriefing. Sounds about right.

    She has to do a complete psych work-up. Shelly's going to ride along, as long as she sees fit. Eleanor brings Mary some aspirin. Stan says it's out of his hands.

    Mary goes in to meet with Jerry and the prosecutor. Jerry pops up and shakes the shrinks hand. Mary, seeing him way too at ease, knows he's stoned out of his mind. It's the only way he can function, his wife says. Mary begs his wife to keep him from getting stoned before the trial.

    Raph calls Mary in front of the shrink. He heard from Brandi what happened. He's sorry he wasn't there to protect her.

    Jerry sits in an electricians bucket, talking to himself about how scary testifying is going to be as he smokes up. He hallucinates a biplane coming at him "North by Northwest" style and jumps. (Pot isn't a hallucinogen, but whatever.)

    Mary shows Shelly the FBI-wrecked house. Brandi has added to it by overflowing the washer. Mary uses the nearby towels that turned up in Brandi's bag that was supposed to be full of drugs to mop things up.

    Oh, and Brandi already registered online but neglected to call Mary to tell her. Wasted trip.

    Mary gets a call. She joins Marshall with Jerry at the hospital. He reports that according to the crop duster who happened to be flying by: "The dang fool just tumbled a-- over teakettle out of his cherry picker for no cotton pickin' reason." He's sedated for the moment.

    Mary asks Marshall to do a threat assessment and put the family in a hotel. She chafes at Shelly writing.

    Shelly and Mary get lunch. Mary doesn't appreciate her questions about her family. Brandi calls, saying the director said their mom didn't show up for rehearsal. Mary gets a call, Jerry's awake.

    They go up to visit him. His wife and kids are there. He says: "Who are you people?" Mary shuffles them off and then tells Jerry what's what, calling him on faking it.

    At the office, Marshall watches Eleanor and Stan in his office where she's standing a little close.

    Brandi calls hospitals, looking for her mom.

    At the hospital, Jerry's wife sings to him, trying to jog his memory. Mary asks to be alone with him. Mary apologizes for losing her temper. She wouldn't blame him at all for faking amnesia to get out of testifying, but she needs to know if he is. He says he doesn't know her. She offers him a cookie, peanut butter. He takes it and is about to take a bite when Mary whacks it out of his hand, saving him from going through with a ruse that might kill him given his allergy.

    Brandi calls Mary. Their mom is in the ER downstairs. Mary finds her there, loaded, with a gash on her forehead. An officer says she's under arrest for drunk driving. Mary can't stop her from getting arrested, but she does try to get her arraigned quickly so she doesn't have to spend the night in jail.

    Mary and Shelly go to the police station. Mary tells her she's used to cleaning up for her mom. The desk sergeant says they can't get her in to see a judge that night, but he'll keep her segregated and he'll watch her overnight. He commends Mary for shooting her way out of that basement (in last season's finale).

    Mary assures the prosecutor that she'll have Jerry in Denver tomorrow, sober and knowing who he is. When Shelly asks Mary how she plans to accomplish that, Mary says she thought it was clear by now that she has no idea what she's doing.

    At Jinx's arraignment the next morning, Mary vouches for her mom and covers her bail.

    Denver: The prosecutor reminds Jerry that if he doesn't testify hell find himself on trial tomorrow. His wife tries to talk to him. She knows he knows who she is. She asks him to brave for them so their world doesn't fall apart. He apologizes and hugs her. Mary sits and scribbles something on a piece of paper.

    Jerry is called to the stand. He hesitates and Mary tells him that maybe if somebody had made him do the right thing before he wouldn't be here now. She's not going to let him throw his life away.

    Mary escorts him to the stand and tells him to just focus on the microphone. The bailiff starts to swear him in. Jerry pauses a very long time before stating his name. Then he looks down at the microphone, where Mary has taped a Bob's smiley face. Jerry starts answering questions. When it comes time to confront his friends he takes away the smiley face off the microphone and continues.

    FBI agent O'Conner barges into Stan's office. He wants files. Stan asks him to leave. They start shouting at each other.

    Eleanor steps out and quietly makes a call. She tells someone they have a little incident there. Then she picks up the phone in Stan's office and says it's for O'Conner. He listens to someone on the other end and leaves.

    Shelly talks to Mary. She says she's never met anyone as good at her job as her, but she's also never met anyone with as much daily stress. Normally, she'd insist on a month off. But she thinks the job keeps Mary sane.

    She'll let her come back to work on two conditions: call once a week and cut herself some slack. No matter how much she tries to prove she's a good girl, her dad isn't coming back.

    Mary stops by Raph's and finds him in the shower. He asks for a towel. She goes through all his closets and finds none.

    She remembers all the towels O'Conner pulled out of Brandi's suitcase instead of meth, the ones she just used to mop up the floor, and realizes what Raph must have done. She tells him she may have underestimated him as she joins him in the shower.

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