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  • The story is focused around eight women who relate their lives through a series of poems. The first part of the title comes from the fact that not only are the women colored because they're African American, but that each of the pain that they've been through is represented by a color. Because of their specific ordeals, each of them have viewed death or suicide as a way out of their situation. This comes to an end in the last scene in the play, where the women gather together for a laying on of hands. They collectively realize that their strength, amid their flaws and differences, comes from something greater than themselves.

    The second part of the title, "The Rainbow Is Enuf," symbolizes their unity because, collectively, they are a rainbow. A rainbow is symbolic of God's covenant/promise with His people, and most importantly, rainbows only come after storms. Each of the women realize that it is through God's power that each of them have survived and they can now put their pain and past hurts behind them, and move forward. As the last lines in the play state: "I found God within myself, and I loved Her fiercely. And this is for colored girls who have considered suicide, but are now moving to the ends of their own rainbows." Edit



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