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Season 5

7 Jan. 2014
A Murder of Crowes
Raylan goes to Florida to deal with the Crowe family. Meanwhile, Boyd goes to Detroit to find a missing shipment of drugs.
14 Jan. 2014
The Kids Aren't All Right
Loretta calls on Raylan when she and her boyfriend get trouble with drug dealers, Boyd tries to keep Mara Paxton silent and wait for his new shipment, and Dewey Crowe gets a visit from his cousin from Florida.
21 Jan. 2014
Good Intentions
Raylan is threatened by a mystery man at Charles Monroe's mansion, Boyd faces a surprise temptation while trying to figure out who stole his shipment, and cousin Daryl encourages Dewey to stand up to Boyd.
28 Jan. 2014
Over the Mountain
After Dewey receives orders to kill Wade Messer, Raylan is informed that Messer has been working as a confidential informant. Meanwhile, Boyd confronts cousin Johnny on his betrayal and puts a tail on him to find out more.
4 Feb. 2014
Shot All to Hell
Art stumbles on Theo Tonin's right-hand man while investigating Nicky Augustine's death, Boyd tries to tie up loose ends with Lee Paxton, the sheriff, and cousin Johnny, and Raylan tries to get the Crowes to leave Harlan.
11 Feb. 2014
Kill the Messenger
An attack on Alison sends Raylan to Harlan in search of payback. Boyd scrambles to arrange protection for Ava.
25 Feb. 2014
Raw Deal
While relegated to walk-up duty, Raylan deals with a runaway computer hacker. Meanwhile, Johnny tries to make a deal with the Mexican cartel ahead of Boyd, and Ava makes new allies in prison.
4 Mar. 2014
Whistle Past the Graveyard
Raylan helps Wendy track down Kendal Crowe after he disappears with an "uncle," while Boyd and the rest of the Crowe family try to get their drugs and dead bodies back across the Mexican border.
11 Mar. 2014
Wrong Roads
Raylan goes to Memphis to talk to Hot Rod after his men are killed in Mexico, things get tense as Boyd and Darrell wait for the drug shipment, and Boyd and Ava make a deal to get their drugs in prison.
18 Mar. 2014
Dewey tries to turn his latest score into a ticket out of Harlan. Ava decides to survive on her own in Trambull. Raylan follows Boyd's heroin trail to the Crowes and is introduced to the 21-foot rule.
25 Mar. 2014
The Toll
When Art is shot and is in critical condition, the marshals round up the usual suspects, until an unlikely person confesses. Meanwhile, Ava prepares for the fallout for killing Judith, and Boyd tries to make a new deal with Wynn.
1 Apr. 2014
The marshals needs to make a deal with Boyd to take down Darrell Crowe Jr., but Dewey unexpectedly gets in the way. Meanwhile, Ava's enemies in prison begin to make their move against her.
8 Apr. 2014
The Mexican cartel catches up with Boyd and demands payback for the dead bodies, Ava goes on the offensive after being accused of snitching, and Wendy faces a hard choice after she learns that Kendal will be tried as an adult.

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