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  • The finale show opens with a hip-hop group performance. Encore performances of the judges' favorite routines. Musical guest: Black Gold. Guest performers: Manzari Brothers, Quest Crew, Charlie Bruce, and Lil' C with Russell Ferguson (season 6 winner). Winner announced.


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  • The season finale of So You Think You Can Dance was upon us Thursday night, which meant one thing: two hours of filler leading up to an announcement that should take a minute, or so. Its as if LeBron James has decided to change teams again -- twice.

    The opening number featured contestants and all-stars from throughout the season, including Alex Wong, who was wheeled out on a chair with wheels (not a wheelchair, but a chair that had wheels on each leg). It was choreographed by Christopher Scott.

    The judges table was packed with regulars Nigel Lythgoe, Mia Michaels and Adam Shankman, joined by Tyce DiOrio, Stacey Tookey, Kenny Ortega and Mary Murphy.

    Memory Lane: As is custom on SYTYCD, some of the more memorable performances of the season were brought back for encores, starting with Kenny Ortegas choice of Kent & Neils Damn Yankees performance, which was choreographed by Tyce DiOrio. Next was Nigels choice was Stacey Tookeys Mad World piece about homelessness by Billy & Ade.

    Be our guest: The dance crew Quest, including former SYTYCD finalists Brian and Hok, performed.

    Later in the show, Nigel, whod been promising hed perform a tap routine all season, came out on crutches saying he wouldnt be able to perform. Instead, a 7-year-old kid named Luke filled in quite nicely. Keeping the tap tappin were the Manzari Brothers, proteges of Maurice Hines (Gregorys brother).

    A bit later, last seasons winner Russell Ferguson joined Lil C for a hard-hitting crumping routine. So You Think You Can Dance UK winner Charlie Bruce danced a Mandy Moore routine with Neil.

    Black Gold came by to perform the song, Shine, which has been used to send off every contestant of the season.

    Back to Memory Lane: Mia called out for an encore of Tabitha & Napoleons Fallin, by Comfort & Adechike. After a montage of the romantic moments of the season, including Adams marriage proposal to Nigel, Kent & Anya performed their First Kiss cha cha routine. Tyce then asked for Robert & Dominics circus-themed hip-hop routine by Tabitha & Napoleon, called Scars.

    Later, Nigel wanted to see a repeat of Lauren & Pashas Argentine tango, choreographed by Miriam Larici and Leonardo Barrionuevo. Next, Adam wanted to see Travis Walls Fix You contemporary routine that was danced by Robert & Allison.

    Mary Murphy brought her train and her scream back all in the same sentence, introducing her favorite dance of the season: Jose and Dominics B-boy routine.

    To a result?: An hour and 19 minutes in, there was a momentary break in the action to reveal which finalist landed in third place: Robert, who just happened to be dressed for a Bollywood routine, making for what was likely the shiniest exit costume ever worn by a SYTYCD contestant.

    Back to our regularly scheduled programming: Carrying on with the business of filling two hours, Adam called for another Napoleon & Tabitha routine by Lauren & Twitch. Cat decided to pick a routine, and she wanted to see Alex & Alisons Sonya Tayeh routine -- so they rolled the tape. Next, Stacey Tookey called for Billy & Roberts Bollywood routine, choreographed by Nakul Dev Mahajan.

    Mia wanted to see Travis Walls How It Ends, performed by Kent & Neil, which she called her favorite all-guy duo of the season.

    The final encore performance of the night featured the very special surprise guest Cat had been teasing about all evening. The routine was Alex & Twitchs hip-hop number that had everyone talking. Alex, of course, is injured, and Cat said the show was contacted by someone who wanted to pay tribute to the routine in the finale. It was Ellen DeGeneres. She did what she could to match Alexs steps -- until she gave up and let Twitch handle the big finish.

    Finally, with six minutes left in the two-hour ordeal, Cat asked Kent and Lauren to come out to center stage for the result.

    The winner of So You Think You Can Dance Season 7 is ... Lauren.

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