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  • The film storyline may turn out to be a fusion between 'Ender's Game' and its parallel novel 'Ender's Shadow', focusing on the important elements of both. Technically speaking, both books take place at exactly the same time, and they both focus on the same events at the Battle School, but from the points of view of two different characters. Some elements we'll be seeing in the movie, like the 2nd Alien Invasion, were only briefly mentioned in 'Ender's Game', yet 'Ender's Shadow' covers them in greater detail. Orson Scott Card says that 'Enders Game' is an unfilmable book, not because of too much violence, but because everything takes place in Ender's head. 'Ender's Shadow' sounds like a logical choice to improve and enhance viewers' perspective on the events at the Battle School. Per the audiobook of 'Ender's Shadow' the afterword by Orson Scott Card mentions very clearly that this film is technically an amalgam of both books to create a tellable story since the story does take place largely in Ender's head. Obviously there is significant license taken but this does not damage the overall story. Edit



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  • Although it is not a direct contribution to battle, the zero gravity training surely augments the cadets capabilities of reflex, quick thinking, reaction, decision making and strategy developing, and, as such, is really important to the whole training process.

    The point of the zero g training is to simulate ship to ship combat on 3 dimensions, you can see the tactics & formations Ender uses in training in the final battle.

    It's also worth mentioning that the conditions for victory in the zero-g training are the same as in graduation. As long as one team member makes it to the opponents goal uninjured, then they will have won regardless of what happens to the rest of the team. The outcome of the final game is similar to that of graduation in that Ender sacrifices every member other than the VIP so that they can win. The designers probably had the 'Little Doctor' in mind when deciding the rules for the game. Edit

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