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The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • Catherine (Andrew's ex-wife) and Olivia his business partner wanted her dead because she was threatening to expose their fraudulent 'Ponzi' scheme. Siobhan thought it was Andrew who was trying to kill her so she manipulated Bridget into changing places with her so that she would be killed as revenge for the death of Siobhan's son. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Unknown. We know Andrew paid him to disappear. The final episode reveals that a body resembling Malcolm has been discovered. It is possible he was killed by Andrew or Bodaway, but it is also possible Malcolm is still alive and that he'll return eventually. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Unknown. Bridget now knows that Siobhan is still alive. Siobhan is now penniless (as Bridget was at the beginning of the series) but has proven herself extremely resourceful and can still impersonate Bridget to gain access to Andrew and Henry's apartments. She also knows that Henry killed Tyler. The future for both sisters - and whether they will reconcile - is uncertain. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • They are almost certainly Andrew's children. Siobhan can come clean and let him adopt them, put them up for adoption, raise them herself, or give them to Bridget, but what she ends up doing is a matter of conjecture. Edit (Coming Soon)

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