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Season 7

22 Oct. 2021
The 10 plagues part 1
Getting to know Shay and Shani's home, and how it came about that they are hosting the entire family for Passover.
22 Oct. 2021
The 10 plagues part 2
The 10 plagues of Egypt fall on Shay and Shani one by one, while hosting the Seder.
29 Oct. 2021
Second holiday
Due to Shay and Shani's inability to say "No", they are forced to spend the second Passover holiday in both the Rosen and Hasson residences.
5 Nov. 2021
Marriage proposal
Itamar comes to Shabat dinner at Shay and Shani's home with Riki's new neighbor, and Raz comes with a new girlfriend. Genetically they are not right.
12 Nov. 2021
Career day
Shay and Shani's youngest has career day at school on Friday, Shani will do anything to be included.
19 Nov. 2021
Shlif Shlaf
Shay and Shani bought Silvan and Rachel a garbage shredder. Their oldest daughter explains what would happen if Shay attempts to install it.
26 Nov. 2021
Independence day
Sapir and Adam are hosting an independence day BBQ, but everyone ends up at Riki's home.
3 Dec. 2021
Liri is on vacation, again, so Pinchas is forced to host her on radio Classic. Shay manipulates Itamar to buy him a giant TV.
10 Dec. 2021
Shay Tzanua
Shay finds Lili Lindershtraus's bag and everybody needs to switch identities.
17 Dec. 2021
Shani attempts to stop Sapir from asking Riki to babysit her grandson, and everybody tells Adam and Sapir the horrors or Riki babysitting her grandchildren.
24 Dec. 2021
Umtza Umtza
Silvan and Rachel's neighbors are having a Karaoke party, and another neighbor retaliates by playing loud music. Silvan is stuck in the middle and is going insane.
31 Dec. 2021
Hag Matan Halav
Shay and Shani are hosting Shavuhot dinner. But Shani will arrive at the last minute from Cyprus, forcing Shay to prepare dinner while dealing with the side effects of a food additive he consumed. Will there be anything to eat?
7 Jan. 2022
The moment every parent fears: How will Shay and Shani react when they realize their daughter is not a child anymore?
14 Jan. 2022
Jail bird
Liri called her book "Jail bird" and it is being adjusted for a kids show. Ilan Lukatch comes to interview the family about it.
Episode #7.15
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