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  • It's genetically possible for two brown-eyed parents to have a blue-eyed child (brown eyes: dominant trait; blue eyes: recessive one) if both parents also contain the recessive gene for blue-eyedness. For the record, it's also possible for two light-eyed parents to have a dark-eyed child (due to eye color genetics being slightly more complex than the model usually taught in high school), although that is quite uncommon. Edit

  • From a storytelling point of view, more emotions were initially planned but were scrapped to simplify things. In terms of in-story logic, it's implied the five emotions are somewhat flexible and can pull "double duty" (i.e. Sadness takes care of empathy, Fear of surprise, and so on). Edit

  • One theory is that Joy is very careful with the core memories she's seen carrying around, even though when she noticed the tube that Forgetter Paula and Forgetter Bobby uses she might have realized that it still wouldn't be such a good idea to send them off to the headquarters with that wall in order to make Riley happy again. Even if that tube probably could've been helpful, they would only be useful for a limited time and not using for something every hour since Joy and Sadness had to return home so they can keep Riley in balance again. Another theory could be that Joy is worried about the responsibility to these cores of Riley if especially another emotion in the headquarters would touch some of them: Remember if another emotion would touch those cores (while Fear, Anger and Disgust were the only ones inside) there could be risks that those core memories would become into the ones that touches them. Ex: if Anger touches one of them they will become "angry" memories and thus can never be changed again. So therefore Joy must have decided to take her risk by taking care of them as much as possible. Edit

  • "The films representative emotions illuminate the ways in which simple, fundamental feelings can have a profound impact on the way we recall particular memories and how emotions rely on one another to determine their total significance. The film also illustrates the ways in which people's expected emotional reaction to an event and their actual response often fail to align." Read more here. Edit

  • As with most Pixar movies, there are extras scenes during the first two minutes of the credits, but there are no extras after that. See here for more info. Edit

  • According to the director, Pete Docter, a sequel is "highly unlikely" due to his and Pixar's wishes to focus on more original ideas. Though he has also expressed briefly "never say never" even if he wouldn't be the director for it, much like his Monsters Inc. got its prequel without the involvement of Docter. However, a short film called "Riley's First Date?", which takes place after the events of the film, is included on the DVD/Blu-ray release of the film. Edit



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