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Season 3

11 Jun. 2015
The Beast of Wall Street
Several weeks have passed since their epic defeat of Gabe, and Cat and Vincent are finally able to begin a new, "normal" stage in their lives. Unfortunately, "normal" isn't in the books for him, as confirmed by the two FBI Agents trying to recruit him.
18 Jun. 2015
Primal Fear
Vincent and Cat deal with their rapidly changing relationship when they move in together.
25 Jun. 2015
Bob & Carol & Vincent & Cat
When two married Homeland Security agents take over an investigation, Cat and Vincent bond with them.
2 Jul. 2015
Heart of the Matter
Cat and Vincent take their relationship to a couples counselor when Cat dives into her work and suspects a wealthy transplant recipient of being involved with the mysterious experiments on innocent people in the city.
9 Jul. 2015
The Most Dangerous Beast
Cat receives a new partner assignment, causing her to think that Carol and Bob have returned; J.T.'s healing ability comes at a terrible cost.
16 Jul. 2015
Chasing Ghosts
JT throws Vincent a surprise bachelor party. Unfortunately, it is interrupted by a mysterious sniper with his sights set on putting a stop to Vincent and Cat's interference with the super human experiments. Cat's family comes to town for a bridal shower arranged by Heather but Cat is distracted by having to visit her imprisoned father to ask for his help.
23 Jul. 2015
Both Sides Now
When an unstoppable assassin hunts down Cat and Vincent, they attempt to lure him out of town and away from their loved ones with the ruse that they plan to elope. Meanwhile, tired of being under police protection, JT asks Tess to help him track down a lead while a distracted Heather attempts to focus at her new job.
30 Jul. 2015
Shotgun Wedding
Cat and Vincent approach their wedding day; Vincent JT and Tess do all they can to keep a worried Cat focused on her big day.
6 Aug. 2015
Cat's Out of the Bag
After a powerful force ruins Cat and Vincent's wedding day, everyone must band together to remind Cat of her greater purpose.
13 Aug. 2015
Patient X
Cat and Vincent find information about "Patient X" that could help them find Liam; Tess works with J.T. to make sure he is serum-free.
20 Aug. 2015
In a surprising turn of events, Vincent agrees to help Liam on a mission to retrieve evidence that could expose them both. Meanwhile, a suspicious Cat discovers something about Liam's family history and must warn Vincent before it is too late.
27 Aug. 2015
Sins of the Fathers
Liam's shocking history makes Cat delve deeper into the Ellingsworth family, where she learns of their tragic past. Vincent and Cat realize that they will need to use their secret weapon if they want to take Liam down. Meanwhile, JT has a theory about how to save himself but it involves none other than Liam.
10 Sep. 2015
Vincent & Cat must work together to defeat Liam, who will do whatever it takes to expose Vincent as a beast.

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