Sleeping Dogs (Video Game 2012) Poster

(2012 Video Game)

Will Yun Lee: Wei



  • Calvin : That asshole was sleeping with my girlfriend!

    Wei Shen : You can't just punch a cop.

    Calvin : I know. Gotta have a getaway ready. I really appreciate it.

    Wei Shen : A little warning would be nice.

    Calvin : Oh. Right. Okay.

    Wei Shen : You gonna pull this shit, you gotta learn to drive. Think about dumping that girlfriend too, alright?

    Calvin : Well, she's not exactly my girlfriend. I really like her though. She's got a nice smile. Dresses real nice.

    Wei Shen : Wait... you're not even dating her?

    Calvin : Not yet, man. You got to be optimistic though.

  • Jackie : my last haul is in the back.

    Wei Shen : Haul? What Haul?

    Jackie : just a bunch of tires and CRT monitors.

    Wei Shen : Who the hell steals CRT monitors?

    Jackie : Hey they got to be worth something.

  • Inspector Jane Teng : Wei Shen, I'm Inspector Teng. You have quite a rap sheet here. Multiple arrests in San Francisco, alleged ties to organized crime. And now you're here, enforcing for the Sun On Yee. You know, you don't have to throw you're life away like this.

    Wei Shen : Your concern's really moving. You know, I appreciate that. I'm suddenly realizing I should have never dropped out of art school. I could have made it, I could have been a real somebody. Thank you for showing me the light, officer.

  • Wei Shen : You're a cop. I'm an undercover cop; The rules are different.

  • Old Salty Crab : Wow, pretty *and* talented!

    Wei Shen : What was that?

    Old Salty Crab : I said you're pretty talented.

    Wei Shen : Oh, okay.

  • Wei Shen : [after Wei hijacks a taxi nearby and drives around awhile, the pedestrian then hires the taxi Wei was using and responds him to go to the destination he or she accept]  Do I look like a cab driver to you?

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