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17 Feb. 2014
Boylé Boylé Boylé
Liam is all set to take the family on their annual summer holiday - to Donegal in the old camper van. However the others - particularly Martin - are not enthusiastic as it is World Cup 1990 and Ireland are playing Romania. Liam gets his way and the Moones, plus Fidelma's boyfriend Dessie and Martin's friend Padraic - with his own imaginary friend, Crunchie Danger haystacks, pile into the van and set off for Donegal. Martin is not happy and so, whilst the others in the pub, preparing to watch the match on television, and comforting Trisha over the break-up of Talking ...
24 Feb. 2014
Moone Dance
It's Martin's first day at secondary school where Padraic informs him that he has already found himself a girlfriend. Martin however is unimpressed by the opposite sex - until he encounters the beautiful art mistress Miss Tivnan though she is more interested in muscular PT teacher Brian. Dessie decides to propose to Fidelma, in public at the school disco, where he is the DJ. This is where Debra urges Martin to start proceedings on the dance floor, which indeed he does, showing himself to be a mean exponent of 'dirty dancing', especially with Sean Murphy as his ...
3 Mar. 2014
Ghost Raft
It is summer Martin and Padraic started to build a raft on which they intended to sail into town. Now, as Halloween approaches, they decide to turn it into their own spooky ghost ship and take to the water, with their two imaginary friends, to the strains of the only sea shanty they know - 'Orinoco Flow'. However the tide carries them past the town and they end up on the seemingly uninhabited Castle Island - uninhabited, that is, except for Island Joe. Meanwhile old-fashioned Father Roche is opposed to pregnant, unmarried Fidelma taking readings in church but the ...
10 Mar. 2014
Handball Duel
Martin wants a games console but with finances tight - so tight that Debra is putting on extra Weight Wishers classes - Liam tells him he will have to earn the money himself so he gets work collecting lost balls at the local golf club. Soon he is acting as caddy for Kevin Leech - who not only happens to be the bank manager Liam holds partly responsible for his financial woes but the two men have a long-standing rivalry going back twenty years when they were both competing to go out with Debra. It is time to settle old scores with the revival of the handball duel.
17 Mar. 2014
Stags and Hens
A group of travellers moves into the field next door to the Moones, causing Debra and Liam to move a few items from the garden into the house for safety. Martin however is much smitten by one of the travellers, the free-spirited Majella who quickly moves from being his classmate to his girlfriend. With the wedding looming the stag and hen parties go ahead. Heavily pregnant Fidelma falls asleep at hers but Dessie's do, enthusiastically organized by his best man, Father Linehan, in the church, soon gets out of hand thanks to the biblically-themed drinking games.
24 Mar. 2014
Boyle Wedding
Fidelma and Dessie's wedding day - which is also St Patrick's Day - dawns and disaster strikes early when the bridal gown gets stained by Coco Pops, requiring a joint cleaning effort before Fidelma is ready to be led to the altar. Half-way through the ceremony the baby decides to arrive, and a mad dash to the hospital follows. With all the adults gone it falls to Martin to entertain Majella and her folks to the post-nuptial feast as well as celebrating St Patrick's Day. Next day however Liam is staggered at the cost of the celebrations and Martin less than impressed ...

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