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The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • Barney left his old crew once he realized that Stonebanks was still alive. The reason is that Stonebanks nearly killed Caesar and that brought back memories of what happened when he first tried to kill Stonebanks and lost three of his original crew. Barney was compelled to find and kill Stonebanks, but he didn't want to risk the lives of his current crew because they were his family. So Barney contacted Bonaparte (Kelsey Grammer) to help him round up some "young guns" who weren't afraid to die because this crew would have no attachment to Barney, nor would he have any attachment to them. So if any of them died, it would be easier to take. However, once Barney's new team is captured by Stonebanks, Barney couldn't let them die at his hands. First off, this would mean Stonebanks wins, which Barney couldn't allow, and two because Barney actually does care and just because he was willing to risk his life and theirs, doesn't mean he's willing to allow them to be slaughtered. Edit

  • When another wave of Stonebanks' reinforcements arrive, Barney orders the team to head for the roof where Drummer is waiting in the helicopter. Trench (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and Yin Yang (Jet Li) clear the roof, and the entire team hops on the copter, leaving Barney to go hand-to-hand with Stonebanks until he finally gets the upper hand and shoots Stonebanks dead. Meanwhile, the battery has dropped to 0%, and the explosives start going off. With the building collapsing under him, Barney races to the roof and just manages to catch onto the helicopter as it takes off. With Barney still hanging there, the copter flies away. Later, the team is partying in a bar. They toast Caesar, who has made a full recovery. Caesar gives back Barney's good luck ring, Drummer admits that he hasn't had so much fun in years, and Galgo goes ecstatic when Barney finally welcomes him as one of the team. Christmas and Doc (Wesley Snipes) throw knives at the dartboard, both hitting the bull's eye, but Doc's knife falls off. The new recruits then go onstage and sing karaoke to Neil Young's "Old Man". In the final scene, Christmas tells Barney that he looks like a "proud, demented father." Barney replies, "You could have skipped the demented part," as he watches on with obvious pride. Edit

  • The film does not explicitly say what happened to CIA agent Church (Bruce Willis). Barney mentions that Church gave him information on where to find Doc. Drummer merely states that "he is out of the picture," though the way he says it implies Church may have died/been killed. In reality, actor Bruce Willis was offered three million dollars for four days of work and he turned it down, stating he wanted four million dollars, so he was replaced by Harrison Ford. Edit

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