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Season 3

1 Jan. 2017
Father's Day
As Andy tries to work up the courage to confront Teresa about their child, he is distracted by an offer from a record company exec. Meanwhile, Errol butts heads with Bruce and Sam contemplates motherhood.
8 Jan. 2017
Bringing Sexy Back
Andy makes a start on his new song-writing career, but finds it more difficult than he could have imagined. Errol decides that he needs a girlfriend and vies with Andy for the attention of Lex. Sam and Bruce are trying to conceive.
15 Jan. 2017
Dinner, I Hardly Knew Her
Andy tumbles into a drug-fuelled romance with singer Jasmine, waking up to find he is engaged. Errol lets a girl think he is 'experienced' to look cool. Sam has to find a way to break some new to the family.
22 Jan. 2017
Sam enters the hospital operating theatre for the removal of her cancer but it is Andy, off the drugs for a week, who is the more stressed and the efforts of Bruce to cheer him, Elliot and Sam's ex-husband Ben, fall flat. Waiting for news Andy and Errol exchange philosophies and Errol is forced to confess why his wrist is bandaged. It is long wait for all of them before they learn how Sam has fared.
29 Jan. 2017
Errol tries to rinse Ben and his new partner Veronica for money to finance a trip to Europe and when they refuse turns to Bruce but when the two men realize they are being played off against each other they join forces to make Errol earn the money. Andy and Sam's loud parents Jane and Neville arrive, announcing that they are divorcing. Andy is shocked and clumsily tries to stop them whilst Sam is just angry that Jane seems to have also preferred Andy over her but after the women have had a heart to heart there are reconciliations all round - though the divorce still ...
5 Feb. 2017
...Is This Just Fantasy?
Andy is over-joyed when Melodie reappears in his life but their reconciliation is literally in his dreams. Meanwhile in his fantasy-writing class Errol pens a fairy tale in which idiot stable boy Andy seeks to find his beloved princess Melodie, meeting various characters based on friends and relations. With the help of Errol's classmates Andy tracks Melodie down but it is not necessarily the case that they will live happily ever after.
12 Feb. 2017
The Last Assembly
Andy finally goes on tour, whilst Erroll makes new friends.

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