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  • Centers on mother Blythe and daughter Lex who team up as amateur sleuths. The sassy Lex works in the Mayor's office by day, and works as sleuth with Blythe by night.



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  • Park Avenue widow Blythe Sutton (Annie Potts) is a woman of money, influence and ....an impeccable taste for solving murders. When a friend and fellow blueblood is found dead of an apparent suicide, Blythe knows in every fiber of her being that it was foul play and she's determined to get to the truth. Enlisting the help of her daughter Lex (Bridget Regan, LEGEND OF THE SEEKER) isn't going to be easy.

    According to Lex, just because she and her mother uncovered the truth about the murder of another friend, doesn't mean they can solve every suspicious death in Manhattan. Blythe doesn't believe it was just a fluke and she knows that, despite the protestations, Lex loved working with her to solve the crime and is certain they can do it again.

    The two Sutton women share a strong bond and an active imagination. They will spin, Rashoman-style, their own theories about how the dead woman met her end. Each brings to their sleuthing partnership their own investigative abilities: Lex works in the Mayor's Community Affairs Unit and has a knack for puzzle-solving. It also doesn't hurt that she is romantically involved with her former childhood friend Jack, a NYC detective, from whom she'll extract what information she can while also trying to keep her budding relationship a secret from Blythe. And Blythe, well, Blythe can talk to anyone about anything and will do so to uncover the truth. Her dashingly handsome son Bart vows to stay above the family fray: two strong-willed women with a flair for the dramatic are not going to drag him into this. And through it all, when mother and daughter work this closely together to solve a case, they may ultimately realize the biggest puzzle might just be each other.

    All the clues point to intrigue, humor and fun when this mother and daughter amateur gumshoe team take on MURDER IN MANHATTAN while also solving the complexities of their own relationship in a one hour dramedy from writer Maria Maggenti and produced by Ryan Reynolds and Allan Loeb's DarkFire Television.

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