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  • Yes, and all the songs that featured in the Disney animated version are featured, plus a few new ones specifically created for this film. Some of the songs mainly "Gaston" have lyrics that are tweaked Edit

  • Actually not a lot. This version has a longer running time, which is not just due to more/longer musical numbers, but also there is an attempt made to deepen the story and character development, addressing (potential) 'issues' from the animated version along the way. Some of the main differences include:

    The prince is now at an adult age quite close to what he is throughout the rest of the story when he gets cursed. The curse's effect is subsequently slightly modified to include a deliberate memory loss to the residents of the village.

    Bella and Maurice (her father) are given a bit more of a backstory, which deals with the fate of Bella's mother and adds a "Give me a rose" element of some importance. Maurice's characterisation is far more normal and no longer the "crazy chubby" cliché of a character, that works perhaps less well in a live-action than cartoonish animation, so other elements of their background story, such as being relatively new residents of the village , are added to address just why the two of them are so at odds with the rest of the village.

    The characterisation of LeFou is also less dumb and oafish, has much more redeeming character traits and is given subtle "alternative" motivations for his otherwise seemingly blind loyalty to Gaston.

    There are a few lines of dialogue here and there hinting at possible causes for some of the prince's unpleasant nature that resulted in him being cursed, coupled with one rather important exchange of dialogue dealing with why all the cursed staff is so accepting of that the curse had also been applied to them and not just the prince alone (although it still remains debatable why the young, clearly innocent Chip is punished, and if it's less or more cruel to him that he's cursed like his mother, than if he had been left out when she got cursed).

    The climatic end is changed slightly, but significantly, since it serves to address in a much more coherent way how the curse gets lifted after the last rose petal had technically already fallen.

    And, unsurprisingly for a live-action rendition, a lot of direct depiction of violence is toned down, so for instance there's no sign of blood, the wolves attacks are more suggestive than depicted, and a rather vicious stab scene from the animated version is removed entirely. Edit



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