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10 Jul. 2014
Evil in My House
In the premiere episode, divorcée and mother of three, Margie Danielsen, has almost given up on finding a man to share her life with. But her prayers are answered when she meets chef Sean Paul Lanier. Sean Paul is handsome, charming and attentive - seemingly the perfect partner. Following a whirlwind romance of dinners, flowers and chocolates, the couple is married just two months after first meeting. But when Margie sees her new husband's face on America's Most Wanted, her world comes crashing down. Her husband is actually called Paul Mack, and he is wanted for two ...
17 Jul. 2014
Hurricane Love
In the heart of the French Quarter in New Orleans, beautiful 29-year old bartender Addie Hall falls in love with married Iraq veteran Zack Bowen. When Hurricane Katrina hits the city, Addie and Zack refuse to evacuate, miraculously surviving, and loving the newfound freedom they experience in the ruined city. But when the excitement fades, their passionate relationship turns violent. Addie pulls the plug after Zack has an affair, and she kicks him out of their shared apartment, prompting Zack into a violent rage. He strangles Addie and the overwhelming guilt soon ...
24 Jul. 2014
The Spy Who Conned Me
Mary Thompson meets good-looking, charming and clever Will Jordan on a dating website, and she's certain she has found her soul mate. A whirlwind romance results in a fairy tale marriage in 2002, and Mary couldn't be happier. But Will is constantly away from home, prompting Mary to confront him. Will tells her that he is an undercover CIA agent working in the UK, causing Mary to fear for her safety. But Will's web of lies finally comes crashing down when she receives a phone call from another woman who also claims to be Will's wife. A heartbroken Mary realizes that ...
31 Jul. 2014
Blood Lust
Charismatic Rod Ferrell is a troubled 16- year-old fascinated by the dark fantasy world of vampirism. In Murray, KY, Rod starts his own coven of teenage followers who meet regularly to drink, take drugs, have sex - and suck each others' blood. When Heather Wedorf, an ex-coven member, falls under his spell, a twisted idea begins to grow in his mind. Rod and three friends drive to Heather's home, where he and another of his disciples kill Heather's parents. Rod steals the Wedorfs' car to move his clan to New Orleans, but the teenagers soon run out of money, and police ...
7 Aug. 2014
Dead Charming
It's 1999 and American overseas student Rachel Souza is over the moon. She has finally met her Prince Charming at university in England: the handsome Neil Entwistle. The happy couple soon marry, have a baby and move to Hopkinton, Massachusetts to be with Rachel's family. Life seems perfect. But behind the scenes, things aren't so rosy. Neil has racked up massive debts and is living a secret online life of eBay scamming and hardcore pornography. Fearing exposure, he shoots Rachel and Lilian at the family home, and goes on the run. He is eventually caught in London and ...
14 Aug. 2014
Baby Faced Killer
Memorial Day Weekend, 1990, and 39-year old Jayme Hurley goes missing from her North Carolina home. Investigating detectives stumble across a charming, good-looking young man called Lesley Warren. A former juvenile criminal, Warren knew Hurley from her days as a counselor. At first, Warren's all smiles and the picture of innocence. But when detectives learn of his shady past and links to other unsolved murders, their doubts increase. Worse still, when the warrant is issued for his arrest, Warren is nowhere to be found. Eventually, detectives track him down in High ...
21 Aug. 2014
The Navy Seal Pastor
Pastor Tim Tillman is the beating heart of his churchgoing community. So when his wife dies in a tragic accident, his congregation rallies round. But Tim's murky past suggests there's more to Janet's death than meets the eye.
28 Aug. 2014
Desert Rat
Divorcee Loretta Bowersock falls for the intelligent charm of inventor Taw Benderly. She's so smitten, she doesn't realize Taw is conning her out of every penny she's got. Or how far he'll go to protect his lies.
4 Sep. 2014
The Deadly Dentist
Glen Wolsieffer is handsome, muscular, and the successful owner of a thriving dental practice in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Glen and high-school sweetheart Betty are the toast of the town. But their picture-perfect marriage ends in tragedy when Betty is found beaten and strangled one night, after an apparent break-in at the family home. But when police investigate Glen's private life, they find he's a man with a lot to hide. As they uncover evidence of multiple affairs and domestic abuse, they come to realize that Glen probably staged the crime scene and strangled ...
11 Sep. 2014
The Abusive Charmer
When flight attendant Kate Jewell makes an appointment to see a naturopathic doctor, she isn't expecting the man of her dreams. But that's exactly what John Williams Branden turns out to be; a smooth-talking, handsome and fiercely intelligent doctor. Pretty soon, he has Kate completely under his spell. But as time goes on, Kate starts to see a darker side to John. He gets jealous. He gets angry. He even gets violent. Kate wants to leave him, but John won't let her go. Finally one night he rapes and tries to kill her. Kate escapes. She lives in hiding for seven years ...

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