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(2015– )

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Season 1

25 Jan. 2015
A Dangerous Game
Sam Adams angers the British after his actions lead to the destruction of the royal governor's mansion; Sam and John Hancock establish a black-market smuggling operation; the conflict escalates following a boy's murder.
26 Jan. 2015
The Uprising
British troops battle American colonists. Paul Revere sets off on his legendary midnight ride.
27 Jan. 2015
As Sam Adams and John Hancock barely manage to escape, the superior British Royal Army massacres the rest of colonial militia at the famed Battle of Lexington. The two forces clash again at Concord, forcing the British to retreat back to Boston. While both sides prepare for an inevitable war, Sam and Hancock work with Ben Franklin to desperately convince the rest of the colonial representatives in Congress to support their cause--independence. When General Thomas Gage learns of his wife Margaret's affair with Sam's friend, Dr. Joseph Warren, Gage launches a full-out ...

 Season 1 

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