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Season 3

26 Oct. 2016
Children of Eve
Eve's attempts to help her sister KT pass for human are derailed when a miraculously recovered Katherine returns to Calimov. To Nick and Eve's horror, Katherine reveals her new range of childbots, which have been placed with local families. To prevent Katherine restoring KT to factory settings, Eve smuggles her out of Calimov and back to the Clarke house. But with Will and Lily insisting KT is returned to Calimov, Eve and her sister are forced to take matters into their own hands. The situation escalates when Katherine's childbots start to malfunction and it is KT who...
26 Oct. 2016
New Born
Maddy tells Abe that he needs to start taking more responsibility - and he's forced to do so when she suddenly goes into labour. Meanwhile, Will grows jealous with Cain and Lily hanging out together, but back at Calimov Katherine uncovers the truth about Will.
2 Nov. 2016
Infinity, Plus One
Suspicious of robot activity at the Clarkes', Cain and Michael Hoffman visit Eve armed with their EMPs. Realising the threat, EVE is forced to face her deepest fear: mortality.
9 Nov. 2016
Mary resorts to extreme measures to head off the threat of Cain and Price, enlisting KT to help her temporarily transfer her consciousness to Eve.
16 Nov. 2016
Having been possessed by Mary, Eve is on high alert. Meanwhile, Abe has to deal with the arrival of his grandma.
23 Nov. 2016
The P.R.I.C.E. Of War
The discovery that Mary has cheated death throws the gang into chaos. If Mary were to take control of Eve permanently, she would be unstoppable.
30 Nov. 2016
The Price of Life
Will and Lily aren't speaking. Worse still, Will is suffering adverse side-effects from protecting his friends from the rogue KT.
7 Dec. 2016
Meet Your Maker
Will's nanobots are rapidly failing, and Nick must lay aside his suspicions when Katherine appears with a hi-tech solution.
14 Dec. 2016
Goodbye Forever, Again
With the school prom imminent, Will - his brain still nano-charged - decides to invite Eve as his date.

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