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Season 1

23 Sep. 2014
Episode #1.1
Depressed cab driver Vince McKee, bored with his job with its ghastly fares, out of love with wife Ros, and disrespected by his school-girl daughter, meets Colin, an old friend just released from a prison sentence for armed robbery. Ros detests him, but Vince takes up his invitation to play poker at the house of a man known as the Horse. The Horse offers Vince a cryptic and clearly illegal driving job, though it does come with a smart new car. Whilst kept in the dark about the nature of his first job for the Horse, it pays very well. His second involves the ...
30 Sep. 2014
Episode #1.2
Vince is horrified to see Colin throw his victim into a pit though Colin tells him he should be happy to be earning extra money. Next morning early Vince rescues the man and drops him off at casualty, claiming he found him in the road before driving off. Ros discovers blood on her husband's shirt and becomes suspicious but he flees her questions by making an unannounced visit to their son Tim, who has joined a sect but refuses to see him. On his return he is visited by police, who tell him that the man he saved, Joseph Paslowski, is a dangerous gangster. He goes to ...
7 Oct. 2014
Episode #1.3
With Paslowski now out of his coma the police visit Vince. After visiting the badly injured Colin and asking to leave the gang he tries to bribe a colleague, Kev to give him an alibi but Kev tells the police and he is arrested. He confesses everything and is offered a deal - to carry on working with the gang and inform the police of their next planned job, the robbery of a Chinese supermarket. The family will be put under witness protection and given new identities, which angers Ros and daughter Katie. Preparing for the robbery Vince is amazed to see that Colin will ...

 Season 1 

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