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I Am

Charley is released from the St. Jo Sheriff's station where she is met by reporters. Elsewhere, Sam Landry gives Violet information about Frances, and his shared past with Violet is revealed. Later, Darla and Ralph ...

Season 4

12 Jun. 2019
Pleasure Is Black
The Bordelon siblings must put their complicated lives aside so that they can come together to run the clan's struggling sugar cane farm.
19 Jun. 2019
I No Longer Imagine
Someone from her past is looking for Violet. Nova deals with family fallout from her book.
26 Jun. 2019
Where My Body Stops or Begins
Violet is surprised at her diner by a man from her past. Nova's book is well reviewed but not well received by the family.
3 Jul. 2019
Skin Transparent
Nova remains estranged from the family over her book. Charley learns more of the Landry's plan. Ralph Angel launches a reentry program for ex-cons. Charley and Romero start a makeshift clinic for undocumented workers.
10 Jul. 2019
Face Speckled
Remy decides to leave town. Davis turns to Charley on how to deal with the fallout of Nova's book. The clinic is raided by ICE agents. Ralph Angel has to explain paternity to Blue.
24 Jul. 2019
By the Spit
Nova and Octavia enjoy one another's company as Nova prepares for her press day. Meanwhile, Ralph Angel and Darla grow concerned for Blue, and they agree to bring him to a counselor. Elsewhere, Charley makes her city council candidacy official, and Hollywood's concern for Violet grows. Later, Charley, Romero, and Micah spend some time with the Latino community at a neighborhood party, but when Charley approaches Pastor Martinez for his support, he makes his viewpoint clear. Nova feels like a fish out of water at a social club in Atlanta, and when Octavia makes a ...
31 Jul. 2019
Of Several Centuries
Nova (Rutina Wesley) arrives to a television show taping to discuss her book, where she is unsettled by new information about her family. As Nova exits the stage door, she sees Calvin, and the two lock eyes as if nothing else exists. Elsewhere, Violet's diner is vandalized, and Benny is arrested under suspicious circumstances. When Charley (Dawn-Lyen Gardner) and Ralph Angel (Kofi Siriboe) discover who's behind the attack on Violet's diner, Charley is more determined than ever to get to the bottom of the new plan for St. Josephine. Meanwhile, Darla (Bianca Lawson) ...
7 Aug. 2019
All the Borders
Charley and Micah stare at the remains of the Queen Sugar Mill, as the fire captain reveals that all signs point to arson. Violet confronts Sam Landry about the attack and reveals that they share a past. Charley has a heated conversation with Frances Boudreaux and later, Sam Landry insists to Charley that his hands are clean. Meanwhile, Deesha helps Ralph Angel with his upcoming hearing about his reentry program and Violet says a prayer for Nova. The following morning, Nova receives a surprise visit from Calvin, but when Micah unexpectedly arrives, he inspires Nova to...
14 Aug. 2019
Stare at the Same Fires
Violet shares a hard truth with Hollywood. Micah looks to Ralph Angel for advice. Nova is there for Charley when she hits a low point. The community comes together to save Queen Sugar.
21 Aug. 2019
Oh Mamere
Micah and Blue enjoy the day at New Orleans City Park, but when Micah gets distracted by a text, he loses sight of Blue. He later finds Blue inside a police car, which triggers the trauma of Micah's past. Meanwhile, Violet once again rejects Nova's efforts to mend fences, reminding Nova of the book's detrimental effect on her life. Instead, Charley and Nova hit the road on a girls' trip where they attempt to mend their relationship. Elsewhere, Darla meets with a friend from her past, who reveals more about the night Blue was conceived. Consumed with self-disgust, ...
28 Aug. 2019
I'm Sorry
Charley, Violet, Hollywood, and Nova spend time at Charley's home as Micah and Keke prepare for prom. Hollywood encourages Micah to be responsible on "prom night." As Charley continues to practice her speech for the town hall, Jacob Boudreaux unexpectedly arrives, and the two become trapped together by a thunderstorm. During a heated conversation about race and privilege, Charley encourages Jacob to drop out of the running for Councilman, but he offers an alternative plan. Jacob later delivers a speech where he exposes shocking secrets about his family. Meanwhile, ...
4 Sep. 2019
Nova tries to mend fences with Ralph Angel, but he's unyielding. Later, Nova finally discovers some usable information for Charley about the mysterious gas drilling company, Old World Energy. Meanwhile, Violet arrives to ask Nova for Jimmy Dale's address, and they drive to his house together. Violet delivers items to Jimmy that represent their lost child, but just as she delivers him a verbal punch to the gut, she notices that his much younger girlfriend has also become a victim of his abuse. Elsewhere, Frances Boudreaux gives Charley a veiled threat just before ...
11 Sep. 2019
I Am
Charley is released from the St. Jo Sheriff's station where she is met by reporters. Elsewhere, Sam Landry gives Violet information about Frances, and his shared past with Violet is revealed. Later, Darla and Ralph Angel discuss their future. The Bordelon family prepare Violet's diner for Charley's election night, and Nova enters the diner with Calvin for the first time. Charley and Micah also share a touching moment. Just as everyone begins to celebrate Charley's victory, they are dealt a devastating and unexpected blow. Though Charley feels redeemed during a meeting...

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