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22 Aug. 2016
Mountain Lake
The Adventure Capitalists trek through the Sierra Nevada Mountains to meet entrepreneurs in the outdoor recreation industry and put their new products to the test. Will they find the next big thing and decide to invest?
29 Aug. 2016
The Adventure Capitalists journey to the Mojave Desert in search of the next great outdoor recreation product. While the investors confront the searing heat, each entrepreneur they meet must sweat out what could be a life-changing decision - whether theyâ€ôll receive the financial backing they need that could make their business a success.
5 Sep. 2016
The Adventure Capitalists dive into the shark-infested waters of the Bahamas to decide if they want to invest in hopeful entrepreneurs looking for financing. Will the entrepreneurs get to grow their businesses and keep them from going underwater?
12 Sep. 2016
Coastal Forest
The Adventure Capitalists make an expedition through a Redwood Coastal Forest to discover the next disruptive outdoor recreation product that will tower above the competition. Which entrepreneur will prove they have what it takes to score an investment?

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