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  • In 1721, the Regent of France, wanting to seal the peace with Spain, offers to the Spanish King, a marriage between their respective heirs: Louis XV, age 11, and Maria Anna Victoria, the 4-year-old Spanish Infanta (princess). The Regent of France also offers to marry his daughter, Mademoiselle deè Montpensier, 12, to the Prince of Asturias, the 14-year-old heir apparent to the Spanish throne. Madrid responds enthusiastically to both proposals, and the ceremonies are promptly organized. The exchange of the princesses is to take place with great pomp on a small island, in the river bordering the two countries. Everything has been done to expect the best of the children, but nothing will proceed as planned.


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  • 00:00:47 Versailles, 1712 opens with young Louis, only a boy age 11, in bed, with Maddam Ventadour guarding and caring for him. A knock on the door and men come in to announce that the Duke of Brittany had expired. Duke of Anjou his brother inherits the throne. By orders of the king these men were going to take him, but the madam refuses to let him go.

    00:03:19 A carriage is scene riding through the country side to Versailles and the scene opens in the castle Versailles with servants taking care of the rooms. Louis XV returns to Versailles abandoned 7 years earlier. Louis the XV is seen roaming the halls of Versailles looking at all the pictures and views a bust of his late mother. Next he is seen lying on a bed to crying about his mother. Next he discusses with an adviser Marsal about his fate and if people would plot to kill him. Marsal tells stories of his mother and how she lit up the court. His father Louis XIV loved her. He regrets how he has lost his childhood.

    00:08:52 The scene opens with the Duke of Conde Marly telling his cousin the Duke of Orleans that he is weakening the monarchy. He is discussing the plan to exchange the princesses (the Royal Exchange) Marsal comes to Louis XV to advise the cat has killed his mouse. The Duke of Orleans comes in the announce that he has a plan to spare France addition war which has bed the country dry. He announced he planned to have Louis XV marry the daughter of Philip V of Spain. He humbly seeks Louis XV's approval. He begrudgingly says yes.

    00:11:56 Scene opens with Marly who he writes the letters to announce the plan for him to marry the Infana of Spain.

    00:12:44 The Duke of Orleans calls his daughter Louise-Elisabeth, Mademoiselle de Montpensier age 12, to dinner to announce that he's proposed that his daughter marry the Prince of Asturias, the 14-year-old heir apparent to the Spanish throne. He scolds her for being late and explains his reasoning. He leaves her with her grandmother who advises she will never see France again. The grandmother is then brought a chair where she can relieve herself. Grandmother tells her that once she gets to the Spanish court they will never see Louise-Elisabeth again and nor will she see her parents again. The grandmother remembers that she married Louis XIV's brother, she'd never see the Rhineland again. The grandmother advises that a princess is meant to maintain a dynasty.

    00:15:08 Home of King Philip V of Spain, far from Madrid. His daughter, Princess Mariana Victoria is seen swinging in the court yard. A lady comes to her announcing that her majesties have summoned her. Next her father is mourning how he sent thousands of people to death in wars and begged forgiveness to the lord. The royal highness-es, Prince of Asturias and Princess Mariana Victoria come to their father. The father addresses his daughter to announce she is now Queen of France and her husband is his nephew is Louis. He then addresses his son to announce that he would marry Louise-Elisabeth of Orleans. He gives him her portrait and tells them to go.

    00:19:20 Duke of Orleans saying good bye to his daughter asks her to be a credit to him in the Spanish court and she will be guided by his trusted friend Saint-Simon. He yells at her to go as she begrudgingly gets in a carriage. While in Spain the prince of Asturias is seen viewing his wife's picture wondering if she would love him. Next an adviser comes in to take the picture from him to remove the object of his anxiety.

    00:20:57 The next scene opens in a court where Saint-Simon is brings the marriage contracts to Philip V where he signs them along with his daughter Princess Mariana Victoria whom would now be the Queen of France. The Prince of Asturias eagerly asks about his wife and then the mother of Princess Mariana Victoria says her good byes. Asking her to become French and not to forget her parents and brothers. She asks to see her brothers Don Fernando and Don Carlos, but told she could not because they have the whooping cough. The parents are seen crying as she leaves.

    00:24:50 Two carriages are seen traveling the country side with the princesses. Louis-Elisabeth try's to shock the governess in the carriage while the other carriage must soon stop due to a tree in their path where the young Marianne sees a bird with an evil eye. Louis-Elisabeth is seen strolling out to woods and after sitting, she observes a young girl with a small horse walking towards her.

    00:29:19 Pheasant Island - the border between France and Spain known for this exchange. The carriages arrive and boats are used to carry the princess to the island to prepare them for the exchange. Louis-Elisabeth arrives in a room looking in a mirror where they remove all their clothes of their home countries. The two princess/queens greet each other courtesy and go to their new country representatives.

    00:32:54 Going to greet the envoys of the Princess of Monpensier, the prince brings a gift for the new queen. But she advises she does not hunt. Later the father advises that his son should not look so hungry and treat the new queen as such that he should do his duty.

    00:35:00 Marianne is seen in her carriage to be greeted by Louis XV. Soon they meet in the court where Louis XV explains that Mariana Victoria was given his mothers late bedchamber. He also explains that Maddam Ventadour will not be mother to both of them. Everyone in the room frowns while Louis XV expresses the he hopes she had a good trip. As people leave the Duke expresses that the king has no further need for her. Leaving Maddam Ventadour and Mariana Victoria in the room alone.

    00:37:40 Next scene opens with Louis XV speaking with Boufflers about his young wife and it will be a long time before he can experience the pleasures of flesh. The next scene opens with Maddam Ventadour and Mariana Victoria in a room meeting the grandmother. She explains how Mariana will be the darling of the court. She explains that she is a survivor of the grand century.

    00:39:31 Saint-Simon walks in the bed chambers of Louise-Elisabeth and explains that she has been raising eyebrows of the people. She explains that the Prince had not even asked if she hunted. He explains she has a large responsibility. Next the friend comes in the room.

    00:40:40 The Philip V is eating with his new family. Louise-Elisabeth asks if she is bored perhaps she's like to come to the Holy Office of Madrid to see the Great Inquisition an old Spanish tradition, a place where they have torture. She asks if they torture children and Philip laughs. He explains how it's in the Princes interests to keep the people occupied.

    00:42:50 Marianne is seen riding a toy horse around Versailles. Duke walks in and advises that the king will not come and he will come when he wants. She identifies the duke as the evil eyes which she saw in the bird on her journey to France.

    00:43:50 Louis XV is hunting and discusses the situation of his young wife along with his friends young wife. The next scene opens with Marianne playing with her friends and dolls. Louis XV comes to Marianne to give her a doll. Where she sets off to sleep with the doll later that evening. She asks why she has no met the kings brother and learns that his brother is in heaven. When she asks if children go to heaven. Later expressing that she knows the king loves her deep in his heart. Marianne is next seen running in the fields near a pond greeted by the grandmother. Who just adores her.

    00:47:10 The Duke of Orleans is seen discussing with the priest what his spies report about his daughter in Spain. They take a dimmer view than Saint-Simon his ambassador. Meaning his daughter is not adjusting to Spain and the situation is tense. The king of Spain is so capricious and his determination can fade overnight. Next Louis walks in and asks where Villory is. It was explained that it was time he slept alone. In the even of his majority he will sleep alone. In the meantime he could sleep with Cardinal Fleury in the room. He would accept to sleep with anyone as long as he was not alone.

    00:49:06 Time has passed and at thirteen Louis XV can finally be crowned. The Regency is over. The next scene opens where Elizabeth is seen with her servant La Quadra learning the subtler side of pleasures. And then the prince walks in, seeing them in bed, he advises that they were summoned by the majesties at once. Louis XV was crowned, so they could now spend time in bed. They need an heir immediately. In the next scene the prince is seen getting tips on the anatomy of a women and later meets his wife in their bed chambers. He attempts to get close to his wife and she swears he will never touch her again. He leaves the room disappointed.

    00:53:35 Louis XV is seen in a canoe with Marianne, not knowing what they could talk about. He explains that he must rule the realm. She asks if he really loves her. Later Louis XV is seen looking over hunting dogs, Louis asks that each dog is given a name.

    00:56:00 - Marianne is posing for portrait and Louis XV walks in to join her in the portrait. He asks why she looks sad. She explains how she misses her parents. The king consoles her and she gives him a hug. They both stand for a pose. The next scene Marianne meets with the grandmother and she confides in her that god will be summing her. She tells her how much she love Marianne. Then explains the duty of a princess and how they are there for the marriage.

    00:59:14 - The duke comes to Louis to discussing the need for an heir. Louis asks what if he is fond of Marianne and the duke ridicules him. The next scene opens with Louis noticing that the two boys playing chess were holding hands

    01:01:00 river view and praying by boy who in Spain, sees his father who talks about war to his dead grandfather, announces his son is still a virgin, but already a king. He was pensing how 2 million lost their lives.

    01:03:59 Regent has died and Duke of Orleans Marly comes running to Louis the XV (King of France). Announces the Duke de Orleans died unexpected embolism. The duke requests that he succeed the duke as the prime minister.

    01:06:00 Queen of France Marianne is seen sick in bed. And the next scene is at the Grand Titanon to which the king has moved. Marianne is still sick in bed, madam cries as Duke comes in with men.

    1:08:30 Princess of Spain makes a scene in church walks out chewing The next scene Louis XV is being shown the kingdom they cover, the Duke walks in to announce the child queen has survived. The king believed she survived the cursed bedchamber. Next he observed Bouffler was being taken away in a carriage and Monsier Fleury explained to him that it was due to a scandal which which he was spending time with boys. He expressed that he caressed him now and then.

    1:13:00 The duke is seen reading a letter which Saint Simon has sent explaining that the queen of Spain is locked in. He discusses with the eminence. The next scene Luis King of Spain advises he wants to keep his wife. The father torments his son asking if he's slept with her. The prince of Spain meets with his wife to discuss how he disobeyed. He explains how he dismissed her suite and especially La Quadra. He then invites her to go hunting with him. She said she would and if he'd stay as resolute as king she might even love him. They go hunting and then he sleeps with his wife later asking if it was better than sleeping with a women. In the next scene, the prince of Spain falls to the floor while in church.

    1:24:00 Louis XV comes to Marianne to regretfully inform her that her brother Luis has died. With the next scene showing that the queen of Spain has small pox in bed.

    1:26:00 The King of France is told that the dual regency has ended. They are announcing they need an heir. Next scene the Queen of Spain is told she can return to France, but she sees no future there because her father has died. Next, Marianne the Queen of France is told that she will return to Spain and her parents will come for her.

    1:29:30 Duke de Conde, Marly and Monsier Fleury discuss with the Majesty Louis XV. He announces he's decided to relieve the duke of his role. The next scene the King of Spain receives news they are returning their daughter and the mother demands they he expel all French from Spain, he fears he must wage war.

    1:31:40 The ex-queen of Spain overlooks the carriage which will take her to France and the young Queen of France Marianne is seen returning in a carriage. The king of France Louis XV is scolded by madam that Marianne who left was a real queen. He asks if he is a true king

    In the close of the movie, the movie explains that Louis the XV would marry Marie Leczinska 7 years his senior and sire 10 children. He died of smallpox at 64.

    Mariana Victoria of Spain married Joseph I, King of Portugal, and gave him four daughters, Six ruled as regent of Portugal

    Louise-Elisabeth of Orleans died in Paris, aged 32, forgotten by her family and the world.

    After the death of his son, Philip V reclaimed the Spanish crown. Struck by neurasthenia he was bedridden for over a year.

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