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Rotten Apple

Apple and Onion try to convince Onion's Dad that Apple is not a bad influence.

Season 1

14 May 2016
Apple & Onion
Apple and Onion get invited to Hotdog's party but they've still got some growing up to do.
23 Feb. 2018
A New Life
Apple and Onion are seperately sent off to a new life in the city by their respective parents. Apple is to find an apartment that is ready for him through a map, while Onion has free housing waiting through his job at Fun Co. Upon making it to the city, the two find that what can go wrong will go wrong, and eventually find their journies intertwined.
23 Feb. 2018
The Perfect Team
During a computer game-playing session, "perfect team" Apple and Onion find themselves with a new roommate pawing at their window: a cat. It loves to roost upon Apple's head, but seems to hate Onion because of his hair; causing tension between who spends more time with Apple.
2 Mar. 2018
Apple and Onion have to find a way to ride the Hot Air Balloon which is in their town for one day only.
2 Mar. 2018
Falafel's Fun Day
When Falafel decides to pack up and leave the city, Apple and Onion have to convince him to stay or they'll have to leave too.
9 Mar. 2018
4 on 1
Onion's fear of crowds threatens his basketball team's success.
9 Mar. 2018
Apple's in Trouble
Apple is challenged to a fight by a grumpy Cheesesteak, so he and Onion go on a quest to find the source of Cheesesteak's grumpiness.
16 Mar. 2018
Hot Dog's Movie Premiere
Apple and Onion square off against a no-nonsense security guard after they're banned from the premiere of their friend Hot Dog's new movie.
16 Mar. 2018
Bottle Catch
Apple and Onion's favorite game attracts some unexpected attention.
23 Mar. 2018
Pancake's Bus Tour
Apple and Onion go on a guided bus tour as part of their plan to get Apple's shoe back.
23 Mar. 2018
Block Party
Apple and Onion have to outwit a mean duck who's taken over their building's roof.
2 Nov. 2019
Apple's Focus
Apple helps Onion achieve his dream of competing on a baking show.
2 Nov. 2019
Lil Noodle
Apple and Onion must remain legit enough to be in their favorite rapper's music video.
2 Nov. 2019
Gyranoid of the Future
Apple and Onion struggle to ride Gyranoid of the Future, the craziest roller coaster at the carnival.
2 Nov. 2019
Fun Proof
Apple and Onion want to become this week's "Most Fun People".
9 Nov. 2019
Apple and Onion try to spread cheer during a city-wide heatwave.
9 Nov. 2019
Apple's in Charge
Apple is put in charge of the Dollar Store for the very first time.
9 Nov. 2019
Burger's Trampoline
Apple and Onion must find a way to use Burger's trampoline without making him feel used.
16 Nov. 2019
Baby Boi TP
Apple needs to acquire a lifetime supply of toilet paper to finish his modern art sculpture.
16 Nov. 2019
Not Funny
With their 6 month friend anniversary approaching, Apple has to find a way not to lose his best friend.
23 Nov. 2019
Party Popper
Apple and Onion's party plans are interrupted by a grumpy guest.
30 Nov. 2019
Face Your Fears
Apple and Onion must face their fears while trapped in a pet shop, so they can save French Fry from facing hers.
30 Nov. 2019
Apple's Short
Apple needs to be tall so that he can be in love.
7 Dec. 2019
Positive Attitude Theory
Apple and Onion spend a day in Falafel's shoes and use their positive attitude to prove he shouldn't be so grumpy.
7 Dec. 2019
Follow Your Dreams
Apple and Onion need to find a dream to follow, so that their lives don't head nowhere.
13 Dec. 2019
Sausage and Sweetie Smash
Apple and Onion must conquer their obsessions of sausages and a video game.
18 Jan. 2020
Selfish Shellfish
Apple and Onion have to prove that they're not selfish when they do their good deeds.
8 Feb. 2020
Apple and Onion want credit for creating a new dance craze.
22 Feb. 2020
Falafel's in Jail
Apple & Onion must get Falafel out of jail for a crime he did not commit.
29 Feb. 2020
The Music Store Thief
Apple and Onion have to defend the music store from instrument theft to get a key to the store.
7 Mar. 2020
The Fly
Apple and Onion must rid their apartment of a fly or face eviction.
28 Mar. 2020
Pulling Your Weight
Apple and Onion join a gym to gain the strength of seven people.
28 Mar. 2020
Rotten Apple
Apple and Onion try to convince Onion's Dad that Apple is not a bad influence.

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