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Star Trek: Picard (2020– )
Left me flat and not bothered about next episode
24 January 2020
The filming looks good. The design sharp. The dreams were slightly intriguing. The characters okay. But nothing interesting happens. This was the grand introduction yet it was all a bit meh... not helped by only one single episode available to watch. I really want to Like this but I'm not sure if I can be bothered to watch another. That's not a good sign...
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Knives Out (2019)
Well acted, over-hyped and anti-climatic
26 December 2019
Film looks good. Great cast. Intriguing at the start. Humorous. Interesting feel. But then I got confused. Was it a comedy, a thriller? A whodunnit? Then the story got a bit slap stick. Then I got excited. I was waiting for the sucker punch. The intelligent twist. But it never came. The last act was like they run out of money and had to wrap up the filming fast. The story ending was dumbed down. The reasons laughable. The ending weak.

This film had promise but failed to deliver. All the fake high review scores will high this though. It is a watchable Sunday afternoon film. That's all. An anti-climax.
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Looks good but script is on drugs!
15 November 2019
Probably the craziest film of the year. The story has been designed for coma victims to follow. It is so dumb. Nothing in this film makes sense. The assumption is that the viewer is brain dead and will just stare whilst eating popcorn.

But it does look good. The grading and quality of images. Even if some of the CGI is amateur.

This is a bubblegum film with incredibly lazy story writing. Really poor. It is trying to link in with a political message but the story is so poor it doesn't work. But I would recommend watching. It is a brain dead shoot em up.
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See (2019– )
I can't see myself watching another episode
3 November 2019
Looks and feels good. Gritty. Well filmed. But all are blind? Really? I can't bare the thought of watching more of this hyper slow paced no-fest. It's just painfully boring. Filled with cliches. No emotion. No originality. It is just so damn irritating. Not for me. Not recommended.
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Midsommar (I) (2019)
Slow start, slow middle and slow end
29 October 2019
I switched this off after five mins but then changed my mind. Gave it a go. Some good actors. But kept feeling like I have watched this story before. As time went on it just followed the paint by numbers script. No real surprises. No intelligent twist. No shock ending. All rather predictable and a little dull.

The film felt like it was never going to end. It was painfully slow. I didn't engage with any characters. I really couldn't care less about them. So as the story developed I was left emotionless. In the end I was just glad it finished.

I did like the feel of it and the cinematography was pleasant. I believed the setting. But found the idea ridiculous.

If you like slow placed indie films then give it a go but yikes. Have a good book or your iPad close by. Zzzzz... I would recommend it but I never particularly enjoyed it. But I wanted to.
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The Accident (2019)
Talented actors subjected to poor story and direction
26 October 2019
You can tell from the first five minutes that this isn't going to be good. They didn't even attempt to film a credible accident scene. Leaving me to watch some parody in how the emergency services would respond. Closely followed by a woeful 9/11 rip off and then a really edited hospital scene. This is where we were introduced to Martin who saved someone. The scene screams of predictability on how Martins character will play out.

The script is wooden and the lines delivered poorly. The scenes make no sense and the continuity rattling. All in all a drama created on cliche and lazy story writing. Zero attempt to recreate reality. Not recommended. This isn't going to get better...
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Stratton (2017)
A bad 'B' movie on a budget with poor acting
22 August 2019
A lot of these actors have proven themselves. So there is something wrong here. The acting is wooden. The script woeful. The direction poor and the story written by a child.

It is just cringeworthy bad. The bus scene at the end is a sign of a director just giving up. Reality goes out of the window big time.

I would never recommend this film. It is that bad. Pity because the actors are good and deserved better.
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The Hustle (I) (2019)
A rushed story aimed at drunk children
6 August 2019
I grew up watching Dirty Rotten Scoundrels so this film had an up hill battle from the start. Within five minutes of watching I was shocked at the poor quality of the production. A rushed storyline, slapstick cheap humour and woeful writing. Without doubt, this is a really poor film. I can't understand why they decided to butcher a masterpiece but they really have.

I can't get my head around why Anne would do this. It's a budget film on high salaries. The story painted by numbers and fed go you like a fool.

There is nothing good to say about this film apart from the lovely locations. So no, there is no way I am recommending this bubblegum nonsense.
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The Brink (I) (2019)
Difficult to see past the white supremacy to enjoy it
18 July 2019
Very poorly filmed with a really dull and forced narrative. Difficult to sit down and enjoy knowing who it involves and the white supremacy history. A very unpleasant character to cover so the production had to be spot on. Sadly it wasn't. Probably one of the worst things I have watched for years. Not recommended.
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Yesterday (III) (2019)
Another copy and paste storyline from Curtis.
13 July 2019
The characters are all well played and Lilly brings the pleasant sparkle. However, the story just goes from A to B relying on a few minor giggles without really trying to be creative or original. Yes it is entertaining. You will enjoy it. But a writer with so much experience cannot be allowed to keep getting away with such copy and paste nonsense. The story is entirely predictable and unoriginal. You watch and wait for something to take you by surprise but it just never comes. The character, the love interest, the conflict, the heartbreak, the reveal, the happy ending. So if you have a boring Sunday then this film is for you. You will laugh and smile. I recommend it as a film for fun but it isnt a keeper.
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An incredible insight into hope
1 May 2019
I'm not American but I loved this. It provides a window into hope. Having the courage to stand up and contribute to your society. I would never do it. So I admire those who do. At a time when the US is being run by a corrupt and racist establishment. These people and this movement is inspiring. It doesn't matter which way you vote. Watching this spirit and energy was very uplifting.

The filming was spot on and the flow of the story was well done. It found a way of bringing lots of people's stories together in a very watchable way. For a dry political subject this manages to pull it off. Recommended watching.
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Killing Eve: Nice and Neat (2019)
Season 2, Episode 2
Starting to rely on lazy cliche and movie luck
16 April 2019
The major draw to this programme is the baddie and the chemistry. If you take them away and replace them with cliche and cheesey movie luck then you are left with something totally different.

The reliance on 'the injury' to explain her sudden change is not great. A shadow of her normal character self. But all okay because of 'the injury'. Lazy writing.

The man that helps her is some painful writing. Feeling like we are slipping towards the standard of all the other boring stuff on TV. No imagination. No creativity. No intelligence. Just your worn out cliche change of character from good to sinister.

Then the magic timing at the end to help ensure the story moves along. This sort of lazy writing really irritates me.

And what are we left with? Another female assassin to catch. Really!? Zzzzz...

I'm not sure who is in control of this show now but the signs of a slip in quality are showing. Pity.
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Great cast but below average story
17 March 2019
From the very start this is a difficult watch. The cast are all great. No debate. But the story is road blocked by some painfully long scenes that add very little. The reality is very warped and requires a big disconnect from the real world. Expert soldiers being made to look like amateurs. Nope, this should have been good but it was very poorly executed. Pity.
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After Life (2019– )
Nothing new to see here (not even the cast)
8 March 2019
I am a big RG fan. There, I said it. I love his humour, attitude and ability to find faces and make them into household names. So I was really looking forward to this.

Unfortunately all I got was a very unimaginative storyline, stale cast and play it by the numbers story arc. The story was so painfully dumbed down and safe. I was waiting patiently for a clever twist or change of mood but it never came. Episode after episode it just played a very dull storyline leading up to a very rushed and forced revelation and good deeds.

The material contained within was also covered in cobwebs. Okay, so I am a fan and know his jokes, but yikes, he is really trying to get every penny out of them. I'm not saying there are not some funny parts in here but the good bits are all surrounding by dying weeds.

Then there is the cast. Every single one of them top notch actors with great achievements. I loved them all. But no, no, no.... you just cant recycle your cast from all past work and hope it works out. It was so confusing, so irritating and so annoying that I didn't get to watch some new faces flourish. I cant recall the last time I observed such lazy casting.

So overall this was an acceptable watch but it has nothing to add to his previously good work. It is safe, predictable and a little boring. If you are new to RG then you may enjoy it. However, if you know his work then you will be left feeling a little flat.
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New Amsterdam (2018– )
Painfully simplistic, political and cheesey but well cast and entertaining
16 February 2019
Oh no, not another hospital series. But lets give it a go. The cast are great and worth watching. The thought of someone going into a new job to stir things up is always good. Getting rid of all the waste and being the hero. Everyone likes that. The storylines are incredibly childlike and simplistic but somehow they get away with it. They shouldnt because the writing is very very lazy and has very little intelligence to it. But it feels like 'Hospitals for Dummies' and its simplicity makes for easy viewing. So I suppose I am the one being lazy.

There is a lot of political messaging in this series and as stated above, the writing isnt intelligent. So it is kinda force fed down your throat. It tends to stay near the right or wrong rather than the left or right so the friction is minimal. As for the medical side of things, I suspect that the professionals will literally be tearing their hair out. It is bizarrely non-sensical and ridiculous.... but like before, it gets away with it.

All in all, this is easy watching for some polite entertainment. So if you are going to watch it then switch your brain off first. If you do you will enjoy it. So just chill and be happy with some cliche story arcs. Recommended.
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Vice (I) (2018)
I have empathy so by design I enjoyed this film
3 February 2019
Top notch actors, obviously. It is filmed in a quirky way but it works. For a dull subject it does tell the story well. There is humour, suspense and a few facts that will make your blood boil. What I found the most interesting was it's ability to help me remember all the building blocks that have led to the current corrupt mess in the US. Overall I did enjoy it thanks to the fine actors involved. The Direction was what I like and the ending natural. My top tip is to not rush out when the credits roll. It is very clever in addressing the reaction it knows it will receive. A funny but sad ending. I recommend this movie 👍
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The Punisher (2017–2019)
It lost its way and got a little boring...
31 January 2019
I started watching this and liked the way it got straight to it. A little mystery around who the characters were. All the actors were good. I like the lead actor. But as it went on you could feel the story stretching. It started to slow down. Then all the cliche story plots started to come to the surface. The double crosses. The surprises. All highly predictable. But then the cardinal sin. The lead actor went from stealth warrior to serious sidekick. Then the action turned from Ninja attacks to sitting around, talking, a lot. Then as it gets near the end everyone gets stupid and logic is replaced with a lot of luck and coincidence.

This started well but then drags on with a flakey storyline. I didn't hate it but I did feel a little let down. Less episodes for more quality.

I do recommend it but disconnect from reality as it goes along...
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She fills the role but the story & direction is woeful
19 January 2019
Claire Foy looks the part. Her look is great for the character. But that's it. I have no more positives. The direction and story are awful. It's all non sensical. Written by a child. Nuclear weapons. Laptop. Secret codes. Rogue agents. Choppy editing. Magical coincidences.

This film in no way represents the original intent. This is a completely different film. Someone has had a really good go at destroying the original story.

There is no way I can recommend this. Claire is a great actor but this film is awful.
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No protagonist or story. Just boring.
1 January 2019
Yes, this film will remind you of 'Heat', which is an absolute masterclass. But this film, starting out okay, turned into a complete non event. There was nobody to root for. The cops were horrible and you don't know the villains. The story was painfully drawn out. The tension was non existent. The final shoot out non-sensical. The cop and wife story a worn out cliche.

The way this was filmed was good. All the actors are credible. But they had nothing to play with. I want to like this but it just irritated. Then it dragged on trying for a smart end. It tried to be 'The Usual Suspects'. It didn't do that well either.

This film had potential. But it is too boring to recommend.
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The Festival (2018)
Lazy writing that relies on gross out humour
9 December 2018
A mash of the inbetweeners and the hangover. This film should be in court for multiple stolen ideas. There are very few funny bits and the story is painfully predictable and dull. I'm rrallu struggling to understand how they failed so badly at writing their own story rather than copying others. It's just a lazy film that didn't need to be made like it was. Not recommended.
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Ride Along (2014)
Lazy writing with mildly amusing cliches
24 November 2018
There are some good actors in this film. But it was all following such a lazy storyline. Painfully bad. At some points they must have got so bored because they couldn't even be bothered to try and make it believable. The climax in the warehouse was an appalling example of direction. It dragged on and stalled half way through. Then they realised so just added a very poor shootout scene. It was just so lazy.

It had its mildly amusing bits but that's it. I can't recommend it.
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The Juror (1996)
Top notch acting with tension and drama
19 November 2018
This is an A list cast with matching performances. The story is run of the mill but it works. The right level of nastiness, tears, agony, despair and surprise. This is Baldwin in his prime.

I've just watched this again and know for definite that it sits around a rating of 7 without doubt. I can only assume the lack of shootouts and explosions has meant it gets a lower score. But this is a solid 7 and I do recommend it.
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First Man (2018)
It felt genuine but left me bored
14 October 2018
The attempt to make it all feel dated and real worked well. There were no glossy space scenes. Add some interesting sounds and a lot of shakes can and the overal scene approach works.

But then there is the story. We all know what happens. So it was just about the angle they approached it at. Unfortunately they picked the boring angle.

The struggle with grieving was irritating. The lack of substance in the characters was disappointing. The frame was non existent. The length too long. The outcome underwhelming. The ending an anti climatic relief.

I will remember this film for the dirty toilets, great acting and my repeated checking of my watch. If you want to learn a tiny bit then watch it. But it is sadly no masterpiece. Let down but the story telling...

Recommend? Yes. On a Sunday...
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They found the right Solo but lost the script
24 September 2018
The casting of Hans Solo was good. I believed it was him. But within five mins of the film starting I knew it would be a mash up of CGI, wooden dialogue and forced storylines. I found the whole experience cringeworthy. Probably not helped by the sudden flooding of the cinemas with rehashes of the SW story.

This whole film felt pointless. The story was dull and the characters did nothing. It all felt like just an awful money making grab. The quality of the story was irrelevant.

There is no way I can recommend this one 💩
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A funny, romantic and intelligent movie
8 September 2018
This film has some very credible actors and acting in it. The light comedy will make you smile whilst the layered story will keep you entertained.

I just stumbled across this film. I assume the advert campaign was limited. The film feels very under rated and quiet in the background. But this is genuinely a good film. It's a safe choice for a quick dose of 'cheer me up'. It is one of my most watched films but I can't exactly explain why.

The editing, story, filming and acting are all top notch. Mixed in with intelligent comedy and storylines, this is a highly recommended watch from me. There are no explosions. No death shots. No terrorists or guns. This is just a good film that will make you feel happy :)
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