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Dos Lunas (2014– )
What Happened?
12 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I watched the 13 episodes of this TV series and at the end there is a complicated cliffhanger in different circumstances. To my surprise I found out that there is no season two. That's terrible! specially for a show that was made carefully and with a good production. The question is What happened? Who is really the main carácter? Sole or Luna? Ana, the daughter of Bruno Freeman, what would her destiny be in the hands of that deranged woman? And Bruno, is he dead after the terrible accident? If so, how can he recover his daughter from the dangerous Luna and then how can he recover the custody of this poor girl?

So, as you can see there are too many cliffhangers unsolved and it's not fair for the audience to leave you like this after watched the 13 episodes with the hope of a final solution.
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A Delightful Movie
13 August 2013
I read the previous reviews on this film and it's nice to know that I'm not the only one to consider this movie a favorite and a very delightful one. The music, the star (Marisol) and the beautiful places in it, help a lot to achieve that feeling, I suppose that Mel Ferrer was feeling the same when he decided to make this movie undoubtedly after a probable visit to Spain, in those particular years a charming place to be.

Just a slight explanation, Patxi Vargas in her review says that Angel Peralta is "the picador", but it is not so, Angel Peralta was a fine "rejoneador", that means to be the Matador but instead of doing the bullfight on foot he does it on horseback, a very spéctacular and dangerous bullfighting speciality. The picador is a helper who also rides a horse but only to weaken the bull for the matador.

One last thing for those who are interested, I've just bought the DVD thru Amazon Spain, of course it's only in Spanish but I suppose that the people who wrote the previous reviews would not mind if they can watch and enjoy this film and its music again.
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Hotel Ground Zero (2009 TV Movie)
7 survivors relate how they survived death on September 11th 2001.
17 September 2010
The vivid impressions of 7 survivors who were guests and employees of the Marriot Hotel that was crushed when the twin towers of the World Trade Center collapsed on September 11th 2001. Each one of them tells us the story of themselves and the people who shared with them the danger and the anxiety of suddenly being trapped in what could have been their last moments alive but the courage, survival instinct and real acts of heroism that suddenly appeared, helped them and others to be alive and share with us moving moments of these people and all the others who shared with them that ominous day in world history.

A writer from Florida who thought that New Yorkers were cold and indifferent, a Lawyer whose daughter was to get married very soon and he wouldn't be able to attend, a girl who was going to be interviewed for the front desk manager position in the Marriot, a fireman who suddenly was trapped with several guests who depended on him to get out alive, a man who was there for an interview and whose daughter's eleventh birthday was exactly that same day and a mother and her daughter victim of multiple sclerosis disabled to walk, are the main characters of this real life, exciting and moving drama.
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Koroshi (1968 TV Movie)
Koroshi (1966) had the same plot of You Only Live Twice (1967)
7 September 2001
When I saw this two part episode of secret agent John Drake, I was amazed. It was in color and besides the cool and inteligent British secret agent was running and fighting like he never did before. I enjoyed this T.V. show. Then one or two years later the film You Only Live Twice was released in Mexico city and I was there the very first day. I`m a James Bond fan and I wouldn`t miss a 007 movie for anything in the world, but as I was watching the movie I had a surprise, the plot was very much alike that John Drake episode I have seen years before. The Japaneses, the island, the secret base, a character named Tanaka... What happened here? Is it possible that a James Bond film has taken the same idea from a good T.V. show? Who stole who? Can anyone make it clear to me?
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A failed plot trying to imitate the Bond movies.
25 April 2001
Karla (Marcela Lopez Rey) is a beautiful and evil woman who is planning to steal a great amount of money from a federal reserve. She is secretly training some kind of indestructible zombies that will obey her orders and will fight against the only possible obstacle to her plans, "Los Jaguares" three guys, kind of Mexican wrestlers, wearing capes and masks and riding motorcycles. During the heist Karla is controlling her zombies through a TV monitor and 80% of the film we watch her blank staring to that monitor and giving robotic orders. A great waste of the beauty of this attractive Argentinian actress and of course of your precious time.
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Bearcats!: Powderkeg (1971)
Season 1, Episode 0
Rod Taylor and Luciana Paluzzi together again
14 March 2001
A bandit takes a train with 73 passengers hostage in order to save his brother to be hanged, the only possible solution is to hire two brave adventurers who will do the impossible to accomplish their task. One more problem is at stake when a mexican lady (Paluzzi) decides to take revenge on the two bandit brothers. Taylor is excellent and Luciana Paluzzi beautiful as ever.Taylor & Paluzzi teamed before in 1967`s western
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A Bond film that works without extraordinary gadgets.
3 December 1999
This film directed by Peter Hunt is one of the best Bond films because Hunt followed the plot of the novel almost by the letter and he showed us that there was no need of reinventing the story to make something interesting and enjoyable. Diana Rigg is fantastic as Tracy and she gives us a reminder of her famous character Emma Peel. The soundtrack by John Barry is excellent with all the flavor of the best previous Bonds. The only regret I have here is not watching Connery as Bond, this one with him would have been an unforgettable and correct adaptation and certainly something that Ian Fleming would have applaud.
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