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After Life: Episode #2.6 (2020)
Season 2, Episode 6
Emotional Explosion
26 April 2020
This serie is so unique, it haves a little of all, the power that a dog can do in your life, the stigma with social life and having to follow other people's "train" and goals, people mentally vulnerable, the number one invisible enemy of humans (cancer), the lost of family, and grumpy people, suicide, the lack of emphaty and the things we should have said it and we didn't but i guess that's how life is, i should have done that done that, said that but we didn't ... It is what it is. the bit of humor and more. And this episode is a perfect demonstration THAT LIFE IS A HUGE ROLLER COASTER. So be happy, say and do more good things, be more altruistic and have more empathy, CAUSE ALL WE HAVE IS NOW.
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The end that Jesse deserved
12 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This is just the perfect end for Jesse of course the quality between Breaking Bad and El Camino is some and it's perfectly normal . The flashbacks were so on point , that shows the other side of Walt that show us the love he had to Jesse , the advices of Mike , and the loyalty of Skinny and Badger ,the hard time that Jesse got throw but in the end that suffering he used to escaped and get his freedom and that knowledge he used to survive he knew were the money was , the Ed and that code to he helps him and even Jane telling him to make his own choices . It still remain some questions to answer from Breaking Bad , but yeah ... It's the end that Jesse Pinkman deserved a long time ago and the final story of the name Jesse Pinkman . This movie was really good but maybe a spin off serie focused on Jesse would be better ... 10/10 . Breaking Bad best serie ever . R.I.P Robert Forster
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