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Meatballs (1979)
If you've not seen this movie, what is wrong with you!
21 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This is pre-"Stripes" and "Ghostbusters", Irving and Murray. That said, it still shows heart which is their trademark. Murray is Tripper, the official No. 2 guy who really runs the Camp although the uptight geek Morty spends most of his time trying to be recognized as the leader of this group of college age delinquents who spend their Summer chasing tail under the guise of teaching little kids the lessons of summer camp.

Everyone is likeable at this camp which catches crap from the snooty rich kids camp across the lake. The end of the movie entails the annual camp competition between the snots and the juvies and I'll let you take a wild guess who wins THIS year.

The heart comes in the form of a healthy, Big Bro/Little Bro relationship forged by Murray's Tripper and camp outcast "Rudy". Rudy is a good kid but smack dab in his awkward phase and he's immediately hated by the other kids because he sucks at sports. Tripper hangs with him and instills a self-pride is cool lesson in Rudy as they daily bond over early morning runs and late night poker games.

Tripper's relationship with Rudy is clean, brotherly and cool. They way they ought to be. Tripper slips Rudy into a crucial role in the Camp Games and you know Rudy will come through for himself and for Trip. Good stuff!

Jokes are corny, the CIS are horny, but nothing is shown - just implied. The nerd and the fat guy get pantsed and their boxers are the most skin shown apart from a hot chick in a bikini glance here and there. I let my daughter see this movie at age 8 before she went off to camp so it's not an '80's t&a flick. Even the language is tame, considering.

Watch this flick every May 31! Have fun for 90 mins, and then have a good summer! Watch it again on Labor Day as it will help you reflect on the Hi's, Bye's, and fun of your summer - maybe get you ready for next year. The quote I keep with me all year long? "Larry, you beat the Stomach!!"
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The Best BNB By Far
23 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Think about it ... you're 12 years old, you get to go on a massive road trip with just your friends (no adults), no rules, candy for breakfast, motel smut every night, and the kicker - if you win the game you're gonna play in the Astrodome, you get to go to Japan! This makes my mouth water in my late 40's.

This movie gets little love because of the life changing movies that premiered in 1977. Specifically "Smoky and the Bandit" and the Luke Skywalker flick. The only thing that made me (aged 10) put down my CB radio or my lightsaber (a yardstick painted blue - pre Star Wars marketing juggernaut) was this movie, a baseball bat and yellow cap from Kmart. This was the big 3 that summer!

Reviewing it is easy, no Amanda or Buttermaker. Just the Bears. They "fire" their manager, steal a shagged out custom van, trick their parents by using the mentally challenged man what mows the diamond as their new manager and HEAD EAST to play a game in the Astrodome for the right to go to Japan.

The next half hour is a junk food, Playboy mag guy fest. They do play a pickup game against locals in Arizona and the Bears are still bad news.

The team realizes on its own that they need an adult and it just so happens that Kelly Leak's father lives in Houston (this the reason Kelly really signed on in the first place). William DeFoe plays a wonderful Ex-Father who is trying to "out cool" his delinquent son. Their rediscovery is the heart of the movie. Coach Leak saves the day many times and gets them as ready as possible for the Big Game. After the cheesy 1970's inspirational (loosely used) chant "Let Them Play", the Bears so what they do best.

It's a feel good story with a lot of redemption, in other words, Classic Bears. There is a reason this film is on ESPN, Baseball Network, and the TBS family often - the folks running these networks saw it at 10-12 years of age and know a classic (cheese and all) when they see it.

Watch the movie! You'll be looking good! Then eat a bucket of KFC on the toilet!
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A Fun Classic
13 August 2008
Next to "El Dorado", this is my favorite western. It is fun from start to finish. Best friends in real life play best friends on the Texas panhandle. Jimmy Stewart (John) and Henry Ford (Harley) have been "riding together" for 10 years when John receives a letter from a lawyer in Cheyenne.

With John and Harley being drifters, it has taken the letter two years to catch up to them. John is told his older brother DJ has died and left him a thriving business in Wyoming; The Cheyenne Social Club. Always wanting to be a "Man of Property", John packs up and heads to Cheyenne with Harley in tow (even though neither man knows exactly why Harley feels the need to tag along everywhere John goes).

Both John and Harley are salt-of-the-earth people. Harley has a passion for pecans and John cannot wait to claim his inheritance and become a Republican. The wagon wheel comes off when John realizes the Cheyenne Social Club is actually an high end, upscale brothel. The ladies who live in the equisitly furnished house are the cream of the crop, expecting nothing but the best from themselves and their clientelle. When John pops into the picture, the ladies fancy him a hero although John has plans to turn the house into a legitimate business.

The casting and directing of this film is perfectly done. Shirley Jones is the Madam of the house and all the ladies cast give prostitutes a fine name. Gene Kelly (yes that Gene Kelly) directs this enjoyably light fare with a smooth touch.

Why this was not made into a series of movies, I'll never know. There could have been 2 sequels based on the strength of the cast's chemistry alone. If an attempt to remake this wonderful film is ever undertaken, it's success or failure will rely on the casting. Like "Fun with Dick and Jane" and "Bewitched", the wrong combination of actors can kill a great storyline.

This is a 9 out of 10 stars. It must be viewed the first time over a dinner of steak and beer with a room full of friends and the sweet smell of perfume in the air.
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Comedy at its best
18 December 2004
This is a classic. As a child of the 1 1/2 hour "Bugs Bunny / Road-Runner Show" on Saturday mornings, I grew up with this humor and it has served me well. Even as a young adult studying law, students would mumble the line "He's Jack." when called upon by bewildered professors.

Moments to savor:

*the expression on Bugs' face as his head cranes back into his pillow when Daffy screams at him while in bed on the beanstalk.

*the entire scene with Bugs and Daffy under glass.

*the final chase and Bugs' ingenious solution to Elmer.

Great lines:

*"I'll guess I'll have to open up with a pair of Jacks."

*"He's Jack."

*"You could've stood up for your rights, you know? You milksop!"
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Baby Looney Tunes (2002–2005)
A great introduction
29 October 2003
I was born in the good times - the Bugs Bunny/Roadrunner Show ran from 9:00AM until 10:30AM every Saturday morning. Life was good.

Now, all I've got is some brat named Caliou and other assorted Disney characters to offer my 3 year old. Thanks to Baby Looney Tunes, I can introduce her to the characters I love so much. Since she got into Baby Looney Tunes (which wasn't hard), she loves to watch the true animated shorts with me.

Bottom line: Taken on its own, it's pretty bad. In the Looney Universe, it's a great introduction to all our favorites.
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Dear God, it's awful
23 August 2003
This is the most lame, unfunny, difficult to understand movie I have ever seen. I actually contemplated buying the DVD just so I could smash it against the wall. Don't just walk but run away from this nightmare of a movie. Dana Carvey is much too funny to have actually conceived this brain-dead idea. I'm hoping his next venture will be better; however, in comparison to this bomb - a movie about animal cruelty would be funnier than the Master of Disaster.
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Lilo & Stitch (2002)
Some of Disney's Best Work Along With GMD
31 December 2002
One fact is certain, Disney has Mickey's fingers on the pulse of society. Occasionally after a few child adoring epics such as The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and the Lion King, Disney will create a hilariously quirky feature or featured character for those of us who love to laugh. Timone & Pumba ignite the screen during the somber moments in LK, Robin Williams' Genie steals the light from Aladdin's lamp and then comes Stitch.

Disney trudged through the mud in the late 1970's and early 1980's until the masterful and completely underrated Great Mouse Detective. The grand comedic timing and talented cast allowed the Mouse to expand his horizons. Lilo & Stitch is the benefactor of that expansion.

Stitch is known as "Experiment 626" on his home planet and is sent into exile. Through some bungling, he arrives on Earth where he disguises his crude body to look somewhat like a canine. The lonely and obtuse orphaned girl Lilo adopts him and true mayhem ensues.

The relationships are portrayed beautifully from the big sister/little sister angle to the transformation of Stitch from monster to family member. The jokes are hysterical albeit mature, the character development is superb and the animation breathtaking.

This isn't Bambi. If you want Dumbo, rent it. If you want Disney meets a G-Rated Monty Python/Original Saturday Night Live Cast, this is your movie. For more enjoyment, the Great Mouse Detective is highly recommended as well.
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Three Cheers for Kelly
13 November 2002
I've watched and attended numerous episodes of "Live" and I think it is better than ever now. Personally, I found Kathie Lee Gifford annoying and I am thrilled with the breath of fresh air that Kelly Ripa brings to the morning. Her rapport with Regis is fantastic to watch and their dynamic is unique. When I can't watch "Live" live, I tape it and start my evening with the talk show pair that have no peer.
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The Star Wars version of "KISS meets the Phantom of the Park"
13 February 2001
Yes, this is horrible - but it is a must see. It is fun to watch because you have a chance to watch all these wonderful characters and actors in the midst of the "Star Wars" frenzy we all grew up in. It's great nostalgia if nothing else. Just be sure to mute it when Carrie Fisher sings!
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The Jerk (1979)
The funniest movie ever made!
13 February 2001
Steve Martin at his best. The Reiners at their best. This movie is the father of modern comedies. Without this movie, Tommy Boy - Something about Mary - Even the Blues Brothers wouldn't have been made. A true classic. Hitchhike down to buy it!
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