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26 May 2021
Warning: Spoilers
If you ever wanted a zombie-heist-epic directed by Zack Snyder, then there you have it.

There are certain things, that were not that great, but on the entertainment level plus this film delivers (and why else would you watch a Snyder-film, except for the action).

The visuals are awesome, the epicness of the action-sequences is great, the pace is a bit slow, but that was okay for me.

But, putting in the heist-genre and then the whole heist is *spoiler* completely useless, the film itself loses in meaning. There are emotional scenes and emotional cores put to many characters (although there are really many filler characters), for example to Kate and Scott, but the zombies themselves got some character arc and emotion, which was interesting but in the end it felt a bit random, because they introduced that, but never relied on that in the end for any twist.

All in all, this zombie-film brings three new aspects into the zombie-subgenre: emotion, heist and epicness (in terms of being a 2 and a half hour long movie). The plot itself is a bit underwhelming in terms of what you might expect, but the visual stunning sequences and the emotional aspect make this epic a little better than it would have been, if it was only a zombie-heist-film.
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Ratatouille (2007)
Absolute Perfection
27 April 2021
I just dont know what to write, theres nothing wrong, this is probably the best example for the term "pure perfection".

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Mank (2020)
22 March 2021
Warning: Spoilers
While I had high hopes for this one, Fincher absolutely disappointed me.

Their is no plot. Its all jumbled together, as the screenwriter himself didnt know where to go with this film. You have to have SO MUCH background information/ knowldege that you just dont understand anything if youre not familiar with Welles/ Mankiewicz etc.

All in all, a total underwhelming, absolutely boring and disastrous, but somehow well crafted/ played drama about a story nobody cares about.
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Tracers (2015)
Great choreographed Free-Running
15 February 2021
"Tracers" is an action-movie, mostly impressing with its free-running-sequences that are far more than well done. They're really cool and entertain more than some other action-movie that just depicts exploding things over and over again.

Cam (Taylor Lautner!), a bike courier, gets randomly in contact with a free-running girl he falls in love with. On their first meeting, they bump into each other, causing Cams bike to broke. Nikki (Marie Avgeropoulos), the girl, buys him a new bike. So the adventure begins: Cam searches for Nikki and tries to thank her and from now on tries to impress her and starts to train parkour himself. Later, he gets picked up by gangster Miller, who leads a troup of freerunners, that do courier jobs and heists.

While the plot is very underwhelming and dumb, I am ready to oversee it and just look on these epic choreographes, not only free-running, bike racing too! It's like a YouTube-Video from 2012, in which a guy is making cool jumps and parkour through a city, but as a movie, which sounds a bit dumb. Don't get me wrong, the movie itself is pretty dumb and plotwise exchangable, but really independent in case of parkour. There's no other movie which offers this much impressive free running scenes. The opening scene from "Casino Royale" was really great too, but "Tracers" puts the cherry on top.

So: Silly action-thriller with really (again) impressive free-running stuff and bike racing sequences, but many issues in case of plot and sense. But in my opinion, a good action film does't have to be logical or well written to entertain, so don't take this film too seriously.
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Unhinged (2020)
Pure adrenalin
26 January 2021
Warning: Spoilers
2020 was a wild year in terms of cinema and movies. Most of the movies were rescheduled or put on an online streaming service, but some companies tried to send their films into cinema. In normal circumstances I never would have accknowledged the existence of "Unhinged", but in case of not many movies being in cinemas I accknowledged but yet decided not to watch it until it's DVD-release.

The film moves around a psychic instabile man and a psychic instable mother. After Rachel (Caren Pistorius), mother of Kyle, honks at a man, because he is not driving, even if the light is green. That man follows her to foreshadow her having a bad day. After Rachel dropped Kyle at his school Rachel sees the man behind her, as she pays at the fuel station. Rachel realizes that this man wants her to apologize, but even if she says "sorry" he doesnt accept it. As the chase goes on, the man haunts not only her, but also her family.

While the setup feels a bit weird, the thrill, the atmosphere and the cinematic telling of a adrenalin-loaded story is yet really watchable. I felt touches from "The Invisible Man" and "You were never really here". Both of them move around a psychic man, while "The Invisible Man" also moves around haunting a woman and her family.

Although I saw these direct influences this movie felt really individual, independent and somehow innovational. This might be the first action movie, in which a car chase sequence is fueled by a van and a totally normal car, not a Lamborghini or something else.

"Unhinged" is thrilling from the first scene, yet somehow weird and exaggerated, but is really watchable, because camera man Brendan Galvin knows how to film things cinematically and innovative yet catching, which was unexpected and unnormal for "just" an action movie.
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3 Idiots (2009)
Dont underestimate indian cinema
26 January 2021
Warning: Spoilers
For 20 years of my life, I thought than Bollywood is a sign for a bad movie, but "3 Idiots" proved me wrong. It's not only a comedy about three idiots' life at college, but about friendship, love, respect and life.

The movie is told in two timelines. One is in the present, where Raju and Farhan are looking for their missed friend Rensho. The other one is in the past and tells us the story of Raju, Farhan and Renshos life at college, their problems with director Virus, their individual familiar problems, their problems in college and their problems in themselves.

While too having typical sequences like the "All izz well"-Song the 165-minute-long movie takes it's time to introduce their characters and make us care for them. We feel with them in their crisis. We laugh with them, when they prank Virus and we laugh with them when they get in another unfortunate situation and Rensho saves them.

Aamir Khan is a comedic master, his facial impressions and his acting was really great and I really enjoyed him, being the smartest of them all, while also not caring about being the best. His role is so humble, yet so smart, that he always finds a solution.

Another point I have to look at, are the details. There are many details, many things that connected the two timelines with each other. There are insider jokes that are used more than once and you only understand them, if you have seen the movie and for that the writers must have been working on the script for a very long time.

This was my first indian movie I watched and I hope, that other installments I will watch, will be as great as this one. Among the comedic value, "3 Idiots" offers as well emotions, love and a beautiful friendship. 9/10.
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Escape Plan (2013)
Surprisingly enjoyable and kind of smart
21 January 2021
Warning: Spoilers
I actually enjoyed this movie. I am not a 100 percent sure, why this film is so heavily downrated. The prison is innovative, interesting and features many interesting mysterious ideas, that we as a viewer get to see along the film goes on.

The story is about a prison escpae specialist, Breslin (Sylvester Stallone), who gets captured in a high-tech prison, which he tries to break out with his inmate (Arnold Schwarzenegger).

While also being a rough action movie, the film offers many mysteries and enough thrills for a prison escape film to be interesting enough. Also I thought the plot is kind of smart, because prison escape movies always need time to be written. While you could scribble a bad storyline the writers created a new path, although the second installment of this film completely messed up my hopes for this franchise.

I wouldn't say that "Escape Plan" is the best prison escape film there is, but I would say that it belongs to the better ones, along with "The Shawshank Redemption", although that one is way more deep and thought than "Escape Plan".
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Tenet (2020)
Newest entry from master of time
19 January 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Christopher Nolan is mostly known for his sci-fi-thrillers, which question the definition of time, such as "Inception", "Interstellar" and "Memento". In his newest film, he reinvents the genre and does something completely new.

"Tenet" is about a man, who discovers, that the present is getting attacked by the future, because objects and persons travelling backwards through time will destroy the world. We follow the story of an unnamed agent (John David Washington), who tries to stop the middleman, Andrei Sator (Kenneth Branagh). On his way, he discovers more and more about this hidden war, accompanied by Neil (Robert Pattinson).

While "Tenet" uses a new technology to invert entropy to travel backwards through time, an early film of Nolan, "Memento", was told just like that, backwards. Tenet shines in the background, mostly in the sequences, where the protagonist travels backwards and everything around him moves forward. Those effects were PERFECT. Another great thing is the choreographies. At some point inverted people fight with non-inverted people, but it's all without CGI. These fights were handmade, which looks way more convincing, than some CGI-action-movie.

I have to admit, that you have to watch it more than once, because every time you realize something new, which is in my opinion a great way, to keep audiences interested, because "Tenet" has soo many mysteries, that we want to be solved. Who is the protagonist? Who is Neil? Who is anybody?

There is one thing, I didnt like: We dont get a pause. The plot goes on and on, action sequence after action sequence, never time to breath or think about what happened. Some people might get frustrated by this.

So, 9/10, because Nolan is one of few directors, who can just make anything a masterpiece and a well-thought movie, while still being thrilling, exciting and innovational.
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Circle (II) (2015)
Very interesting and genious discussion
17 August 2020
Warning: Spoilers
So. The generous idea of the film is genious. Yes, its simple and a bit stupid, but it offers a great way to make a discussion about nowadays problems, like racism and homophobia.

While it might appear as a short movie, it has a length of 87 minutes, which is in my opinion right the perfect time. The premise might have been a better short movie, but i think the writers made a great job of making this a 85 minutes straight-up almost-fifty-people-discussion. Thats a hard job. They geniously put (almost) fifty people in a circle. You cant just pick a few who discuss everything. And thats what they succeeded at. They made (almost) every person in the room a human individual human.

But. There are some elements which i find confusing. Why Aliens? The whole storyline of it being aliens is just useless and provides nothing at all to the plot. In my opinion they just could have cut the last scene, because it appears as a "happy-end"-ish end. An open end of Eric being the last person seen and we just hear the sound of the laser would be a much better end.

Here some personal factors: I love movies, that just play in one room. In this case the whole movie (except for the last scene) plays in the circle-room. Before i saw the movie i thought they might add some flash-backs, where we see the pasts of the people, but i loved the decisions that they did not do that and let the movie have a length, that most likely is the actual length of the happenings. Plus, it might look confusing, because we have fifty people discussing, but in the end we know the persons, that were in the circle. Thats a huge thing, that they somehow got to make almost fifty people relevant in a 80-minutes film.

So: Great one-room-discussion with (almost) individually important individual people, who have to discuss who dies. The script is very interesting and providdes many modern themes, like racism and homophobia. Although the premise could have been a way better short film, the film itself is fast-pacing, hardly gripping AND it makes us think about what we would do in a situation like that.
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