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War & Peace (1972–1973)
An adaptation true to its roots!
26 June 2005
I remember seeing this first when I was just 12. It definitely left an impact on me especially Alan Dobie's Prince. Also Natasha Rostova played by Morag Hood is a very interesting and free-spirited character. Ms. Hood has really brought natasha to life, so much so that sometimes you can't wait to watch what she's going to do next. The scenic backgrounds of Russia are beautiful and as always Anthony Hopkins dazzles in his rendition of Pierre. Anyone interesting in seeing a movie version of War & Peace must watch this and not the more recent versions (very dry and boring - would think it was shot in Texas). The scenes tend to linger in your memory..
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Grand Canyon (1991)
One of the Greats
26 January 2005
This is an excellent movie with a stellar cast and some great acting. I never tire of watching it. I especially love the scene where Danny Glover's character and Kevin Kline's character namely Simon and Mack have brunch together. Kevin Kline is such a natural and it seems his mannerisms are effortless and one you would encounter often. SO its a very 'real' movie.

One of the most powerful scenes in the movie however, is at the beginning of the movie when Simon arrives at the scene where Mack's car has broken down. The movie also has a strong message and is unlike the stereotypical message carrying movie where there's one person preaching his guts out to an audience. Instead the actors' emotions and situations deliver an impactive message that does best without the use of words. And lastly, Mary McDonell is brilliant as always.
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Pride and Prejudice (1980– )
16 July 2001
This is an excellent production of P&P.Though i haven't seen the A&E version to comment on that in comparison, i happen to be absolutely in love with this one.Elizabeth Garvie did a great job , she remains etched in my mind as Lizzy and is almost in every way like the character that Jane Austen intended to create in her book.

The settings have been styled in a simple way and is much like what Austen has written of.Not much has been spent on the outfits and grandeur, which makes us watch the characters and the flow of the tale more than the environment.All the other actors too seem to fit snugly into their characters.In my opinion they never can be a better version.Jane Austen would have been proud!
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