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Fury (2014)
The final scene ruins what could have been a great (though historically unaccurate) movie
27 February 2021
Warning: Spoilers
I trully enjoyed the first 3/4 of the film. First because it's about a part of the war that is not presented that often, and second because of the way it's presented. The actors are good, Pitt is excellent, and it's globally very satisfying to watch. Of course the opposition between the naive new soldier and those have seen more and are twisted by the war, followed by the way they begin to understand each other and bond is quite cliché but it was handled well. Yes they took some historical/technical liberties, but I could get over those I spotted because they sort of made sense in the narrative.

And then came the final scene... It was so bad it pulled me out of the movie and even ruined the first part for me. I was okay with the cliché patriotic final where they sacrifice their lives for the greater good. But not like that. This fight was excruciatingly long and unrealistic, and l don't see what was the point of making that SS batallion look like a bunch of amateurs strugling against one broken tank with Fury magically avoiding bullets for like 10 minutes in a scene worthy of The Expendables.
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